“Never Satisfied” Ducks are ready for the Bruins

Many Oregon Duck fans are looking at this Saturday’s game against the 18th ranked UCLA Bruins as a must win game coming off of last Thursday’s loss to the Arizona Wildcats. Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, on the other hand, is more focused on how his team is preparing for the game. When asked about the game’s importance, Helfrich said, “No, we don’t think in those terms. It’s a ‘must have a great Thursday … and get ready for Saturday’ way of thinking.”

This team isn’t worried about what everyone is saying about them. As Helfrich told us, “It’s about what our guys believe in between their ears, not what somebody else does.”

We all know how potent this Duck offense is and how quickly they can get the ball rolling. The team is staying focused on making sure it is ready to play all four quarters. We’ve all seen how important the final minutes of the a game can be, so the team is focusing on conditioning to play to the end.

When asked if he was satisfied with the teams urgency this week in practice, Helfrich gave a response that reflects the way this team plays every week. “Well, I don’t think we are ever satisfied.” This is a team that is ready to fight. They are not down and out, and are in fact still contenders for the College Football Playoffs.

Let’s see what the result of a Ducks and Bruins match-up is.

Top photo by Kevin Cline

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