A Trip Down Memory Lane: Last Game at Autzen for Ducks’ Seniors

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We’re approaching the end of an era in Oregon Ducks football history, as this particular group of seniors has made a statement for this program. Continuing to prove themselves on the field, these Ducks have continued to rise to the top. As freshmen, they qualified for the Rose Bowl and won in a tight match vs Wisconsin, 45-38. As sophomores, it was on to the Fiesta Bowl vs the Kansas State Wildcats where the Ducks again came out on top, 35-17. As juniors, this class made it to the Alamo Bowl where they faced and defeated the Texas Longhorns, 30-7. Year after year, this highly dynamic group of men has continued the Ducks’ legacy of Hard, Fast, Finish. And boy did they deliver.

Senior Erick Dargan racked up two picks vs. Michigan State this season.

Kevin Cline

Senior safety Erick Dargan racked up two picks vs Michigan State this season.

What will they have in store for us this year?

These seniors are going to run through the tunnel for the last time, hear their names announced by the famous Don Essig for the last time, and take in their last glimpses of game day at Autzen Stadium. The Ducks will face the Colorado Buffaloes (2-8) this Saturday in Eugene.

Remember this incredible interception from Ifo Ekpre-Olomu? Talk about an All-American play from one of the best corners in the league! Each dramatic play sets the bar higher and higher for the program’s incoming classes. The current seniors will pass on their skills and knowledge to the underclassmen, just as those before them did, while also adding their own unique and personal touches. This season, the Ducks have 17 seniors and redshirt seniors on the roster. It has been an explosive and exciting group to watch. Check it out for yourself.

Each year is different. Each group of players leaves behind a mark in the football program. What do you think this group of seniors will leave behind as a symbol that they were there and they conquered?

See you Saturday.


Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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