College Football Playoff: Nothin’ on Oregon…

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If you were an Oregon fan watching the College Football Playoff show — you were very bored. How fortunate if you missed it as you had a more productive half-hour than mine! Oregon was barely even mentioned–and that to me states volumes in what was NOT said, and can generate some thoughts from us fans about our “invisible” status.

My beloved Oregon Ducks were only mentioned twice in an entire half hour during which this team of our devotion was named again the No. 2 team in the nation. One mention occurred when Oregon was announced as the number two team and that “Oregon would be the home team in the Rose Bowl.”

We gotta love Herbie.

From Video

We gotta love Herbie.

The majority of the discussion was about the teams that might make it in, but nothing to speak of was said about Alabama or Oregon. “What about the strength of schedule of Mississippi State? What about Florida State barely winning? How about the resume’ of Ohio State if they face Wisconsin in the B1G Conference final? Will Baylor pass TCU? Can UCLA jump a one loss team?” So many questions about the fringe teams, but NONE about the two teams headed on a collision course — a championship game that everyone wants to see — and has wanted to see for years — Alabama and Oregon.

The only time Oregon was mentioned beyond the stating of its No. 2 ranking was actually in a discussion by Danny Kanell about UCLA being able to pass a team with one loss, as he said that, “if they are able to beat Oregon in the [Pac-12] championship game….that would be as good as anybody in the country….especially when you look at the way Oregon is playing right now.”

You have to love how for once NOT being talked about is a sign of respect, as nobody disputes the positioning of Oregon. Oh yes, many of us “Greybeards” in the management positions of know we have a ton of important football yet to be played, but it feels like a special year.

That silence by the pundits shouts the same.

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