Don Pellum Makes Civil War His Priority

“It really won’t be anything too extravagant this year because I really don’t have time for that,” coach Don Pellum said in reference to what he’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. Coach Pellum is focused on the task at hand, and that’s putting the shackles on Oregon State’s offensive attack this Saturday at Reser Stadium.

I spoke with coach Pellum after practice today at Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, and he addressed some of the challenges that the Beavers’ offense presents.

Oregon has faced some of the top passing attacks in the country this season, but Pellum believes Oregon State may bring the biggest challenge in the passing game. “We’ve played a lot of guys that throw the ball, but they’ve (Oregon State) probably got the most complete passing game,” Pellum said. “They have the screen game, intermediate throws, and the ‘max-protect’ throw deep down the field. So I think they’re going to do what they normally do, and we’ll see a combination of all those things.”

Oregon on the defensive stop in last years Civil War.

Kevin Cline

Oregon on the defensive stop in last year’s Civil War.

Pellum also commented on Oregon State’s phenomenal passer, Sean Mannion. “He does a tremendous job. I think he’s the Pac-12 all-time yardage leader (he’s correct). You know, he has the ability to make all the throws, and we’re going to have to a make plays at the end of the routes when those guys catch the ball. They’re very good in that aspect of the passing game.”

The Beavers have faced several injuries at the running back position, and they’re currently down to their fourth string running back, but coach Pellum said that won’t change how the Ducks prepare for the Beavers’ offensive attack. “We’ve watched the film, and all four of those running backs that have played this year look like the same guy. We don’t see it as down to the fourth guy, but rather as the next man up. All of those backs are smart, shifty, find creases, and they’re all tough to tackle,” said Pellum.

The Beavers may be last in the Pac-12 North at 5-6, but they’ve shown they can play the spoiler role as they defeated then No. 7 Arizona State at Reser Stadium two weeks ago. Shutting down the Beavers’ potent passing attack will play a key role in the Ducks finding success on Saturday.

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck

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