Ducks Run-Game Necessary to WTD Against Utes

Wooooo, it’s game day!! Who’s excited?! Who’s pumped?! Who’s on my level?!

That’s right guys, it’s game day and if you’re not on my level, get on my level! It’s supposedly our last big game game of the season. If our Ducks can power through and get that W tonight, our spot in the National Championship Play-offs will more than likely be locked down.

All week we have talked to players and coaches about what their approach will be against Utah. We have also read many articles from fellow sports writers and analysts discussing what exactly we as fans should look for on the field tonight. In an article by Ken Goe in The Oregonian, Making Utah play from behind would be Oregon’s easiest path to victory; one of three things to watch, he discusses one important thing that has to happen in order for our Ducks to get a win today.

Two words: run-game. It is Goe’s personal opinion that if the run-game option is working against a defensively sound Utah defense today, we’ll be unstoppable. With the way our offense has been playing these last few weeks, I can’t say I’m too concerned.

When our offensive-line goes out on the field determined to protect Mariota to the best of their ability on every snap, the opportunities are endless. When Mariota is protected this well, it is sometimes unfathomable the things he can do!


Kevin Cline


Goe explains that when the run-game option is working, it opens an effective play-action passing option. In doing this, Utah’s pass-rush approach will be neutralized. Our offense can’t be the only thing keeping us in the game tonight and that is where our defense comes in.

This will be a very physical game for both defenses, similar to last weekend’s game against Stanford. From what I understand, this is a fairly evenly-set game on both sides of the ball; it will mostly be a matter of who wants it more.

And who could want it more than our Ducks?! No one. The key to a win today is supposedly simple and I hope that rings true when our Ducks step out on that field this evening.

One last truly difficult obstacle to overcome and we can all stop holding our breath and proclaim that we made it! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though; first we have to watch our men walk off the field with a W on the board tonight. Go Ducks!

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck

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