Ducks Running Backs Do It Again

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During a morning press conference following practice on Monday, Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost talked to reporter Caleb Couturie, recapping his thoughts on the game against Stanford, specifically applauding the work ethic of the running backs.

UO running back Thomas Tyner (24) with the nice spin move around a Stanford defender.

Craig Strobeck

UO running back Thomas Tyner (24) with the nice spin move around a Stanford defender.

Strength, speed, versatility and vision. Is there anything these running backs can’t do? Coming into the Stanford game, several may have thought that Stanford’s front seven would be too much for Oregon to handle. However, the Ducks; running back corps is unlike any other in the country. Don’t believe me? Frost brought to our attention just how explosive and dynamic these players are.

“Our running backs block when they’re called to. I thought when the running backs did clock last week they did an unbelievable job. Byron (Marshall) leads the way. Charles (Nelson) came up out of the back field and had some great blocks. Royce (Freeman) had a great block. Those guys can be a force for us, not just with the ball in their hands but in other ways,” said Frost.

"Thomas is everything you want in a back." - Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost.

Craig Strobeck

“Thomas is everything you want in a back.” – Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost.

Frost was truly impressed by his group of youngster running backs. “I think Thomas had his best game. He looked like he was shot out of a cannon a couple times. Each back has their own style. I think he has learned, the past few weeks especially, that he doesn’t have to be the jitterbug LaMichael James type and make three guys miss before he gets his yards. If he hits it downhill and runs at his top speed and just makes a guy get on his edge and just miss him, he is strong enough to break tackles.” Frost continued, “I love his style of running.” So do we.

Also, how about that Tyner spin move to score? Did we mention he is just a sophomore? With a chuckle, Frost said about the move, “It’s like the circle button on the Playstation.” Frost continued, “Thomas is everything you want in a back.”

As the Ducks look to take on Utah this Saturday in Salt Lake City, don’t be surprised to see more from this dynamic group of players with tremendous field vision and explosiveness that will leave you wanting more.

Top photo by Kevin Cline

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