Grasu Will Do “Whatever it Takes” to Play Again

We all look forward to the holidays, and while some view this time as a slow closing of fall sports such as football, the Ducks’ season is still in full swing. Oregon is an excellent college football team that is not only ranked No. 2 in the nation according to the College Football Playoff committee, but also a team that’s positioned to win the National Championship.

Unfortunately Hroniss Grasu, a coveted player for Oregon throughout his time there, didn’t have the joy to play on “Senior Night” against Colorado last week due to a knee injury he suffered in Utah.

Sports writer Ashley Young of had the chance to chat with Grasu about his recovery, his reflection on “Senior Night,” and his thoughts on Coach Helfrich’s daughter drawing him a picture as a “get-well” token.

Center Hroniss Grasu is a big leader for the Ducks on the offensive line.

Craig Strobeck

Center Hroniss Grasu is a big leader for the Ducks on the offensive line.

Asked about his knee and what he needs to accomplish in order to play again, Grasu replied by saying, “I’ve gotten better every single day and I’m ahead of schedule.” How ahead of schedule, is the ultimate question! Grasu is an All-American center that has assisted the Ducks tremendously over the years. Although Hamani Stevens and Doug Brenner have filled Grasu’s center duties well, it’s essential to have a leader such as Grasu to be on the offensive line down the stretch in the playoffs.

It was honestly depressing to not see Grasu on the field during “Senior Night” at Autzen, but he said it was a “special day for my family and me.” Grasu is the heart and soul of the Ducks (center pun). Obviously, his family possessed the same feelings as he did emotionally, in terms of not seeing their son, grandson, and nephew play his last game at Autzen. However, it’s important to realize that the Ducks will always embrace, love and ultimately remember him as a pivotal player for Oregon.

Finally, who knew that Coach Helfrich’s daughter made a drawing for Grasu after his injury? Apparently nobody. Grasu commented on the basket by saying that “it’s honestly a cute little thing. I like it a lot.” That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Helfrich’s three-year-old daughter made Grasu a “get-well” picture! One thing is for sure; this picture seems to lift Grasu’s spirits during these tough times. I wouldn’t be surprised if it brightened other Ducks’ day after they heard about this token of appreciation.

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck

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