Is There Anything Super Mariota Can’t Do? A Quick Recap of Last Night’s Accomplishments

We are the champions, we are the champions! Okay, we aren’t necessarily champions yet, but our men are on their way for sure!

After last night’s 51-27 win over Utah, our Ducks are said to most likely move up to third in the National Championship bracket. This was not an easy game for our Ducks or for the Utes despite the final deficit. There were many high and low points throughout, mostly starting early in the second quarter when Utah Kaelin Clay let go of the ball a step before crossing the goal line to give Utah a 14-0 lead.

Instead, our own Erick Dargan noticed the officials had not made a call as the ball lay on the field and Utah immaturely — and prematurely –celebrated a not-so-glorious moment for themselves. Dargan picked up the ball and was jumped on immediately by a Utah player causing him to fumble the ball. However, it was recovered by another Duck. Our beloved linebacker Joe Walker picked up the ball and ran like he’s never run before (accompanied seemingly by every Duck on the field at the time). A 14-0 trailing score for our Ducks was quickly turned around to a tie-game, 7-7.

Marcus Mariota about to pass for a TD.

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Marcus Mariota about to pass for a TD.

From this point on our Ducks were on it, especially Marcus Mariota, who continues to surprise us with his talent each game. Is there anything Super Mariota can’t do?! In an article on, Postgame Notebook: No. 5 Oregon at No. 20 Utah, there is a list of accomplishments for various players. Here is a list of Mariota’s specific accomplishments from last night:

  • Passed for a touchdown for his 36th straight game (every single game of his career)
  • In 7 of 9 games this season he has scored four touchdowns
  • His 18 rushing attempts were a career best
  • He finished with 114 yards rushing, making last night his fifth career game exceeding 100-yards on the ground
  • Is 17-0 when he runs for at least one touchdown
  • Has passed for multiple touchdowns in ten straight games, the longest active streak in the FBS
  • Became the first signal caller to pass for 9,000 yards in his Oregon career and currently sits at 9,122 yards

Look at that list! And those are just Mariota’s accomplishments. This win and the previous wins this season would not have happened without the rest of the team! As I have said a million times, our Ducks are stronger than ever and only get stronger every practice, every week, every game. If the Ducks power through the next two games (Colorado and Oregon State) and remain strong and consistent on both sides of the ball, the National Championship title has a good chance of coming home where it belongs. The University of Oregon. Man, I love my Ducks.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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