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As of Tuesday night, the Oregon Ducks have earned the No. 2 spot in the College Football Playoff rankings. Friends, it is a good day to be a Duck. Well, every day is a good day to be a Duck. But, as of last night, players, coaches and the people of Eugene had a slightly bigger smile on their faces. “Finally,” one of my classmates exclaimed after hearing the news of Oregon jumping to No. 2!

Ducks jump to No. 2 in the college football playoff rankings.

Kevin Cline

Ducks jump to No. 2 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

I have heard all the excuses plenty of times throughout my four years in college: Oregon is not big enough to handle the size of the SEC, or the opposing team’s quarterback will pick apart our defense. Well, I can assure you that this year, the Ducks definitely deserve to jump Florida State in the rankings. I promise you, I am not biased. OK, maybe just a little. But look at Florida State. It’s an undefeated ACC team still to play on the road vs Miami, FL (6-3), and at home vs Boston College (6-4). I don’t know if I would get too comfortable if I were a Seminoles fan. Boston College has proven itself this season as a team not to take lightly. And going into a hostile environment like Miami isn’t a walk in the park either. Not only through remaining schedules do I agree with this ranking, but by the teams alone. The Ducks have countlessly proven their toughness, beating teams such as Michigan State, Stanford and Utah. I completely agree with the Ducks jumping Florida State in the polls.

However, and this is a big however even for me, we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves. The No. 2 ranking is incredible. But I remember the last time the Ducks had this momentum on their side. T-shirts saying, “We Want Bama” were printed. See the link below for the article from the Daily Emerald. This goes against Chip Kelly’s philosophy of Win The Day. I know this ranking is something to scream about, but we as fans and players have to keep in mind the need to “win” each day and not think so far ahead, even if the Ducks are predicted to win out and make it to the title game. Check the link to the article below, too.

It is Duck season. We have a strong team and a great mentality, but a even greater cause. We all want the title and to see our Ducks get what they deserve. We have to Win The Day as fans, too.

B.J Kelley (23) does his "Lambo Leap" as a pre game ritual.

Kevin Cline

B.J. Kelley (23) does his “Lambeau Leap” as a pre-game ritual.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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