Oregon State Has High Praises for Marcus Mariota

Tyler Robinson FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Tyler Robinson reports from the Oregon State post game press conference at Reser Stadium for FishDuck.com.

Heisman moment anyone?

The only “knock” on Marcus Mariota’s Heisman campaign has been the lack of what some “experts” like to call a “Heisman moment.” When Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon ran for over 400 yards against Nebraska, many pundits vaulted him to the top of their Heisman leader boards because he had that “signature moment” everyone could look back on. I personally don’t understand how a particular moment or play can validate one’s Heisman worthiness (I was under the impression that the best player in the country was supposed to take the honor.), but that’s apparently a factor for the people who decide on the award.

Was there one particular play that Mariota made Saturday night that we could look back on and say, “That’s the play they’ll show at the Heisman ceremony?” Probably not, but a couple of highlights simply aren’t going to do Mariota justice. To truly give credence to the type of player Mariota is, you need to watch what he does throughout the duration of the entire game (or season, for that matter).

Mariota was nearly flawless in Oregon’s 47-19 victory over Oregon State; he simply couldn’t be stopped. The Heisman hopeful was 19 of 25 for 367 yards and four touchdowns; he also added another two touchdowns with his legs.

Marcus Mariota after rushing for a score

Kevin Cline

Marcus Mariota after rushing for a score

The Beavers weren’t shy when asked to share their thoughts on Mariota and the Ducks.

Oregon State defensive end Dylan Wynn had high praises for Oregon’s squad. “This is one of the best Duck teams that I’ve played against, they’re firing on all cylinders. I wish them the best of luck in their national championship contention.” Wynn was blunt when asked if Mariota should win the Heisman. “I think so. Mariota’s both a great guy on and off the field.”

“He’s a great player. I don’t really follow the Heisman race that closely, but from everything I’ve heard and knowing Marcus, he seems totally deserving of that,” Oregon State’s Sean Mannion said in regard to Mariota.

Beaver head coach Mike Riley may have said it best. “He was outstanding tonight, and has been consistently outstanding. He certainly is a great player.”

Did you catch that part where Riley said Mariota was “consistently outstanding?” The truth is that Mariota should absolutely run away with the Heisman trophy. There really hasn’t been anyone who’s come close to playing on the same planet as Oregon’s quarterback.

Top Photo Credit: Kevin Cline

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