Rob Mullens Talks Championship Game and Playoffs

Athletic Director Rob Mullens has enjoyed his fair share of success during his tenure here. From the cross country team to the basketball team, Oregon has constantly exceeded expectations. No team has ever had the opportunity that this year’s Duck football team does, though. As of right now, the College Football Playoff Committee has the Ducks ranked as the second best team in the nation, and one of the four guaranteed a spot in the first ever playoff.

I got a chance to talk to Mullens tonight at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex in an interview for He talked about how impressed he’s been with the committee’s job thus far, and the scrutiny they have to burden. He said, “I think the committee has a very difficult job, and they’ve done an outstanding job. Moving towards a playoff was the right step.” He went on to say, “I’m excited to see how it plays out just like everybody else is.”

Levi Stadium has become a home away from home for the Ducks.

Mark Saltveit

Levi Stadium has become a home away from home for the Ducks.

I followed up by asking him if he felt the committee started ranking people too early. He said, “I think it starts a little early; however, it is good to have the fan base and the public talking about college football. Tuesday nights at 4:30 became appointment TV, even if it was too early.”

I ended by talking to Mullens about the Pac-12 Championship, and how playing in Levi Stadium is kind of like playing in a home game due to all the support from the Bay Area. He said, “I expect our passionate fans to come out in full force.” He did elaborate to say that although it would be nice to be playing in Autzen, “if there were ever a year to try the neutral field site, this was the right time and the right place to do it.”

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