This Means War: Derrick Malone Jr. Talks about the Upcoming Civil War

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The weekend is finally approaching. The last game of the regular season. A game that can change it all. A game that many call the “not so civil” war, Ducks vs Beavers. If you can remember last year’s game, the Ducks came out on top in a nail biter 36-35 on a last minute pass in the end zone from QB Marcus Mariota to Josh Huff. reporter Caleb Couturie had the chance to listen to starting senior linebacker Derrick Malone Jr. on his thoughts on the upcoming battle in Corvallis, Oregon.

Malone (22) in last year's Civil War game against the Beavers.

Craig Strobeck

Malone (22) in last year’s Civil War game against the Beavers.

As a redshirt senior, Malone has gone to battle five times with the Ducks. Each year, no matter the outcome of each team’s record, the game is nothing short of a war. Tackling is aggressive, trash talk is constant, and the teams show what they got without hesitation. Malone gives us an insight on the Ducks’ game plan against the Beavers:

“The thing that sticks out to me is they have so many threats,” says Malone. “Tight end threats, running back threats, passing threats, so we really got to make sure we read our keys, reel in our focus and get our eyes right. We just have to prepare properly.”

Despite their 5-6 record, the Beavers have had a steady, dependable quarterback in Sean Mannion However, Malone gives us the solution to stop the cannon from Mannion. “He’s got a cannon. He can step up in the pocket and make those extraordinary plays… we really got to stay focused and contain him.”

Malone in this year's spring game.

Kevin Cline

Malone in this year’s spring game.

Now, the last time the Beavers beat the Ducks was back in 2007. For some teams, this may cause a bit of a distraction knowing that the odds, and the records, show favor for the Ducks. However, Win The Day.

“We cannot be that team because there will be a stamp on you. That’s not a way to go out. We are seniors. That’s not a way to go out to lose to Oregon State. We have to make sure we play everything to our preparation and really stay focused,” says Malone.

The Ducks will travel to Reser Stadium in Corvallis, Oregon to play the Beavers in the 2014 Civil War for a 5:00pm kickoff.

Derrick Malone Jr. with head coach Mark Helfrich in his final home game at Autzen.

Craig Strobeck

Derrick Malone Jr. with head coach Mark Helfrich in his final home game at Autzen.

Top Photo by: Kevin Cline

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