Tony Washington: Trash Talk, Winning Streak and Thanksgiving Dishes

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This morning I spoke with Tony Washington in the post-practice press conference for at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex.

It’s the week we all wait for every year, the week we all rep our green and yellow more than usual and probably one of the most hostile weeks in Oregon from Eugene to Corvallis. It’s the week leading up to the Oregon-Oregon State game.

In the interview with Washington this morning, he was asked whether or not there is a lot of trash talk with the players this week and on the field throughout the game. Washington said, “Not really, it just kind of depends on the player. For me, I’m not really a chatter kind of guy.”

Washington and team celebrate during the Stanford game earlier this season.

Craig Strobeck

Washington and team celebrate during the Stanford game earlier this season.

But do they talk to him? Washington chuckled and said sometimes they do but it really just depends on the player. He said his focus is on practice this week and playing well this weekend. It was brought up that this weekend is Senior Night at OSU, just like it was for our Ducks last weekend.

All last week everyone discussed the different parts of being a Duck that they would miss and asked about how their emotions would play a part on the field that day. Washington said he thinks there will be a lot of passion and emotion, but for him he tried not to think about the fact that it was his last game on that field.

Over the past six years our Ducks have beat the Beavers but last year was a close call. It was mentioned that no class wants to be the class that ends that winning streak, especially not to them. OSU’s season record is 5-6 and it is being whispered around that they will come out on the field with a ‘nothing-to-lose’ mindset. Washington said, “I think when it gets late in the season every team comes out like that.”

But the most important question asked throughout this entire interview was: What is his moms signature Thanksgiving dish that he is looking forward to having the most? Washington smiled and replied that he told his mom exactly what he wanted but what he is most looking forward to is her yams.

Happy OSU rivalry week and Happy Thanksgiving, Ducks.

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck


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