26 Days Later… Is It Game Time Yet?!

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Is it already New Years Eve? The day before the biggest game of our Ducks football season and quite possibly one of the biggest games in the history of Oregon Ducks football for my generation?! Already?! In case you can’t tell, I’m being extremely sarcastic.

The last game our men played was on December 5th which means that the last game they played was TWENTY-SIX DAYS AGO!!! 26. I am not exaggerating when I say that this has been the longest 26 days of my 19 year existence. There are certain difficulties that come with being a fan and having to wait around twiddling our thumbs for so long; for example:

  • We have to socialize with real people.
  • We have to pay attention to real-life problems instead of who our opponent will be this upcoming weekend.
  • We have to try and find something new to read about while we hide from our bosses in the bathroom at work.
  • We have to watch other insignificant teams play games for days while we await our game.
  • We have to wait TWENTY SIX long, miserable, boring days to post another game day selfie.

The list could go on for days (26, to be exact)! I personally have been struggling with not being able to post a game day selfie and now it’s the day before the game and my pre-game game day selfie is a hot mess.

Even Beau is ready for the game already.

McKalie Bellew

Even Beau is ready for the game already.

Can we just play the game already?! Most people are sitting around today waiting to go party hard tonight and make New Year’s Resolutions about how they want to be a better, different, skinnier person blah blah blah. Us Ducks fans don’t care about being new people and all that crap, what we care about is that when the clock strikes 12 tonight and it’s officially January 1, 2015… it’s game day.

Who needs to party tonight when there will be tailgates all over the world for Ducks fans tomorrow, probably beginning as early as 9 a.m. (If you are beginning your tailgate this evening and carrying it into tomorrow, props to you). Who needs to watch the ball drop when we can watch the best quarterback in the nation, Marcus Mariota, drop multiple beautiful passes to lead our Ducks to a well-deserved and oh so sweet victory over the Florida State Seminoles tomorrow? NOT ME!

Here are some things that you can do in 26 days:

  • Receive roses and watch them die.
  • Lose/Gain 10 pounds
  • Spend a lot of money on Oregon gear because you need do something that has to do with Oregon football or you’ll lose your mind (more than you already have throughout the wait).
  • Drive from Oregon to Arizona… THIRTEEN TIMES.
  • Listen to Mike Bellotti say the same thing on ESPN about his Oregon vs. FSU prediction. The same thing. Every day. For 26 days.
  • Read multiple different articles about Oregon football that all say the same thing because there hasn’t been anything new happening except that the players had a good practice and they are working harder every day.
  • Learn to knit a sweater big enough to fit a killer whale.
  • Learn what a “seminole” is (I’m gonna do that one today).
  • Sleep atleast 8 hours a night, which would mean you could have slept approximately 208 hours since the Pac-12 Championship until today.
  • Stare at a wall and ask yourself, “what is the meaning of life (while waiting for more Ducks football)?”

And so many more things. I lied earlier, the last 26 days haven’t been the longest in my 19 year existence, TODAY is the longest day in my 19 year existence. You can say I’m being dramatic and unrealistic but I kid you not, it feels as though there has to be atleast 90 seconds in a minute today. It’s going by so slow that I’ve had time to eat two breakfasts, a snack, a gourmet lunch and another snack already… and I’m hungry again. (I haven’t actually eaten all of that because I’m a broke college student, but if I wasn’t I definitely would have had enough time to eat all of that and still be hungry today). I can already smell the barbecue on the grill, ahh yum. Can you smell it? I can hear the too drunk guy falling outside his campsite 100 feet away. And the GO DUCKS chant that every Duck fan will be screaming whether it be on their couch, at a tailgate or in a bar somewhere, is music to my ears.

You know what’s not music to my ears? The tick…………………………………… tock of the clock while I wait for it to FINALLY be 3 o’clock tomorrow. I’m trying to be a good fan and wait patiently but I’M GOING CRAZY. See…

Yes, I am wearing a dog collar and holding up a car decal. True fan?

McKalie Bellew

Yes, I am wearing a dog collar and holding up a car decal. True fan?

“Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET? IS IT GAMETIME YET?! Ugh.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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