A New Kind of Trash Talk

Alright Duck fans, want to see something that will make your blood boil? Game designers, known as A Flat Miner Studios, have recently created a game based off of a childhood favorite: NES’s Duck Hunt. The new game, titled Ducks Hunt, depicts Oregon Ducks flying over a poorly animated football field where you, the game player, have a chance to shoot down the duck.

Upon shooting the duck, the famed FSU fight song plays while an FSU player raises up a dead duck. The game is created by Jesse and Jodi Slade, who appear to have relation to FSU since Jodi is mentioned on the FSU booster page.

The original Duck Hunt


The original Duck Hunt

The game, although clearly meant to be a joke, loses its charm pretty quickly. The one thing it certainly has going for itself though is that it’s an excellent form of trash talk. Sure people can reference stats and game footage- basically anything they want to argue why their team is better- but FSU certainly has a leg up on the insulting video game front.

I think it’s time for the Ducks out in the engineering program to work on a special winter project. Here’s a link to the game if you want to check it out and have yourself a quick laugh.

Top photo from video

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