Championship Show Statement: Playoff begins Friday

Fame and respect is what we all want for our favorite college team–but it can also create untended consequences for our beloved Ducks. The College Football Playoff show demonstrated their respect for Oregon in an unusual way, and surprised everyone with who the opponent the Pac-12 Champion will face in the Rose Bowl. (As of this week with one week to go)

One of the big surprises was how HALF of the Pac-12 was in the top 25 boosting the ratings of the top teams in our conference. Oregon coming in at No.2 again was no surprise, but the elevation of TCU to the No. 3 spot bumping Florida State to No. 4 set many spectators of the show back a bit. Reese Davis declared that “Oregon would face the Horned Frogs in Pasadena.”

Call me an opponent snob, but I would rather not have Oregon play a newbie to the standings. Give us a powerhouse traditional power to play and it will be more fun for the fans who will be much more apt to travel to a matchup with the Seminoles. The movement of TCU past Ohio State and Florida State bears watching considering Oregon’s current positioning.

Jeff Long, Selection Committee Chair.

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Jeff Long, Selection Committee Chair.

What made my Duck feathers fly was listening to all the love for Arizona due to their jump to No. 7 in the nation according to the Selection Committee. The panelists on the show went on a speculation binge as to how Arizona could be in the National Championship Playoff if they beat the Ducks on Friday. Danny Kennel stated that, “this team to me [Arizona] absolutely has a chance [to be in the playoff] if they beat Oregon AGAIN…they would deserve a shot.”

Reece Davis noted how Arizona jumped “…even over one loss teams. Arizona is going to have two wins on it’s resume’ that hardly anyone can match.”  (If they beat Oregon–it would be two top five wins for the Wildcats)

Kirk Herbstreit noted that, “Arizona sliding up above Michigan State? That is BIG news and the fact they’re over Michigan State before playing Oregon is a big deal.”

Joey Holloway

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Joey Holloway

The final panelist, Joey Holloway, joined in the Arizona lovefest as he declared that, “there may not be a hotter team than Arizona as they recently beat No. 17 Utah, and No.13 Arizona State. They make a move in the Pac-12 Championship game and beat Oregon? Boy they are going to jump some teams because of the way they are playing at the end of the season. They are as impressive as anyone in the country.”

Oh brother. So the respect toward Oregon and Marcus Mariota is so high that if Arizona beats the Ducks–it launches the Wildcats into the Playoff? That would truly be the most mileage any team EVER got from beating Oregon.

On the other hand, when Oregon wins the Conference Championship over the No. 7 team a question becomes whether it would move the Ducks to No. 1 if Alabama does not win impressively? In that scenario Oregon would be back to playing Florida State again–is that what we want?

The answers come in less than a week as the final show is on the next Sunday and not on Tuesday as during the season. We have drama to the end!

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