Ducks Avoid Getting Stung, Beat Hornets 83-70

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While everyone is on break, the Ducks are working harder than ever to make sure that they’ll be ready for conference play coming up soon. Their most recent challenge was this past Saturday against the Delaware State Hornets. You would have thought that Oregon would take down this team easily after its 21-hour travel period across the country, but the Hornets gave the Ducks a good run throughout the game. Thankfully the Ducks maintained their composure and got the 83-70 win.

Both teams came out a bit sluggish in the first half, as the Ducks shot a poor 37% to the Hornets 31%. The ball movement was there for our birds, but they simply couldn’t convert at a high efficiency. There just seemed to be a lack of assertiveness on takes to the basket, which led to the Hornets hanging around throughout the entire game. Oregon’s Jordan Bell was a beast defensively with a monstrous four blocks, which really gave the Ducks some energy on the defensive end.

Elgin Cook dominating the game.

Donald Alarie

Elgin Cook dominating the game.

Oregon continued moving the ball in the second half and pushed through to get the win. The Ducks pulled up their field goal percentage to 47%, and they also hit a solid 10 three-pointers for the game. Joseph Young was their high man with a strong 23 points and 7 rebounds. But, you have to love Elgin Cook’s activity with his 10 points and 10 rebounds to set the tone for Oregon.

You have to give Delaware State credit, as they came out and gave the Ducks a battle. Thankfully, Coach Dana Altman continues to fight through adversity as he has throughout his entire career at Oregon, and coached these guys to the win.

The Ducks will take on UC Santa Barbara on Monday, so they’ll have a very limited amount of time to prepare for that one.

Top photo by Donald Alarie

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