Frost Reportedly Turns Down CSU Position

As reported by Scott Roussel at earlier today, Oregon Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost was offered the position of Head Coach at Colorado State, but quickly turned down the offer. To most Ducks fans, it’s not news to be hearing offers coming in for Frost’s services. He works alongside Mark Helfrich, helping to orchestrate one of, if not the most potent offenses ever known to College Football. The fast-paced, no-huddle style offense that Frost has helped implement at Oregon has garnered attention from schools around the country, and NFL organizations as well.

What do we make of this?

It comes as no surprise that Frost received an offer, especially due to the fact that former Colorado State Head Coach Jim McElwain was introduced as the Head Coach for the football team at the University of Florida earlier this month. Frost will most likely receive many more offers, as there are many schools with coaching vacancies that need to be filled. It’s also not surprising, however, that Frost turned down this offer. He is in the middle of preparing for Florida State and likely wants little to no distraction throughout the process.

When the season comes to an end, whenever that may be for the Ducks, Frost might start to seriously consider accepting other offers that might come in. Either way, will be following Frost’s decisions very closely. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated on any future proceedings.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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