Fuzzy’s Guide to Surviving the Rose Bowl: Travel Options

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With the Ducks facing Florida State in the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2015, FishDuck.com has commissioned its janitor and Rose Bowl expert, Farkquar “Fuzzy” Quackenbush to help make your Pasadena experience the best ever. Fuzzy attended his first Rose Bowl in 1994 when the Ducks met the Penn State Nittany Lions. In this series of articles, we’ll examine travel and ticket options, getting to and from the game, Los Angeles attractions and what to expect at the Rose Bowl on game day. Today, we’ll look at your travel options to Los Angeles.

The easiest way south is to book a Rose Bowl tour package. Fuzzy recommends two options. The best and most expensive option is booking through the UO Athletic Association. You will be pampered, stay in the best hotels, enjoy the services of a concierge, have transportation to the pregame activities and to the game itself. Fuzzy loves this option and still tingles thinking about shaking Dave Frohmeyer’s hand at the 2002 Fiesta Bowl, but he sees three downsides with this tour. First, it’s pricey — $2,349 per person double occupancy for three nights and a charter flight from Eugene. Second, the only flight option listed is from Eugene, but land-only packages are available for those booking their own flights. Finally, there is no option to purchase game tickets with your tour.

The other major player in tour packages is Azumano Travel. Fuzzy went with Azumano for the 2011 National Championship and was quite happy with his choice. Accommodations may be a step down from the UOAA tours, but they are of high quality and have a tour concierge desk in the hotel lobby. You’ll fly down from either Eugene or Portland, and ride a bus from your hotel to the game and pep rally. The swag isn’t as spiffy and the hotels aren’t as central, but it is cheaper with departures from Portland starting at $1,549 per person double occupancy. Azumano lists an option for purchasing a game ticket on its website.

If you’re cheap and Internet savvy, book your own travel, but be aware airfare prices increase exponentially the closer it gets to game day. Don’t delay; book now. Because of the holiday crush, your options will be limited. Think creatively and look at other airports. This year, Fuzzy booked an open-jaw flight into LAX and out of Orange County Airport with four nights at a Best Western for $700 per person. You’ll want to add a rental car for about $400. This option is cheaper, but you’ll you’re on your own getting to the game.

Ticket Alert: Oregon Athletic Department donor and season ticket holders have an option to purchase tickets through GoDucks.com based on a priority system, but applications must be received by the Duck ticket office by 5 p.m. today. This is your cheapest option for tickets, so get off your duff and order your tickets now.

Stay tuned, Duck lovers, our next article on Thursday will explore alternative methods of scoring game tickets.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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