“Gaudy Uniforms Haven’t Helped You Win A Game Yet” -Duck-hater

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Oh my goodness my fellow Duck fans, the uniforms have been released for the Rose Bowl and they are a beauty.

As most know, the University of Oregon has a great relationship and sponsorship by Nike which is where all of our amazing uniform combinations come from every game. You have to admit, as a fan, the release of the upcoming uniforms is a big part of the excitement leading up to a game.

For our semi-final College Football Playoff match against the Florida State Seminoles our Ducks will be decked out in green. Green helmets, green jerseys, green pants, etc. On dailycaller.com the release of the new uniforms had mixed responses from fans and others- let’s call them Duck-haters.

Someone by the username Don223 scoffed that “gaudy uniforms” haven’t helped our Ducks win a game yet and that we have lost almost every big post season game since we became a national program. But nobody will get away with talking down about our program, our Duck fans are loyal and ready to spew back at such Duck-haters. User mdduckfan responded back to Don223 by pointing out accomplishments of the last few years for our Ducks:

“2012 Rose Bowl: Oregon 45 – Wisconsin 38
2013 Fiesta Bowl: Oregon 35 – Kansas State 17
2013 Alamo Bowl: Oregon 30 – Texas 7
We have beaten rival Washington for 11 straight years and have won the big rivalry the Civil War game 7 straight years.
2015 – we stomped Michigan State pretty good…
2015: Rose Bowl team in inaugural NCAA CF playoff
We’ve won the PAC -10 (12) championship 4 times since 2009.
We did lose our first shot at the National Championship, so you got me there. You’re right…we pretty much suck.

Go Ducks! Win the Day (in day-glow yellow, pickle green or shiny chrome helmets)!”

This fan likes unusual combinations...

Craig Strobeck

This fan likes unusual combinations…

Thanks for the backup there mdduckfan! Check out some of the message boards regarding different aspects of the program from the uniforms our men will be sporting come January 1 to who’s Heisman winning QB is better and why! Whether you’re in a sports bar, walking down the street or surfing the message boards regarding our Ducks, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion and stand up for our school and program! This matchup against FSU will be a defining moment in U of O history but after the season our Ducks have had, respect should definitely be given already.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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