Mark Helfrich Talks About Marcus Mariota and the Heisman Trophy

McKalie Bellew, reporter, partook in the Mark Helfrich press conference today at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex.

Marcus Mariota is having a historic season, and could bring the University of Oregon their first Hesiman Trophy. Coach Mark Helfrich addressed his thoughts on Mariota’s Heisman candidacy, and what he’s meant to the Oregon program.

“Marcus, in every single way, represents what you want in a student athlete, and he’s every thing that you’d want in a quarterback,” Helfrich said.

Earlier in the season their were reports that that NFL teams might be worried about drafting Mariota on the notion that he was perhaps “too nice.” Coach Helfrich dispelled those rumors. “Marcus has been working on that ‘characteristic flaw’.”

In the past the University of Oregon put together a huge Heisman campaign with Joey Harrington (they put up a large Harrington billboard in New York City) but the University has elected to not go with the same approach with Mariota. “Our ‘quote unquote’ campaign is to play well. To prepare well and play great; all of that other stuff will take care of itself. The University of Oregon is in a position because of some of that other stuff in the past, that if you do that, there’s that talk, and that’s great. But at the same time, preparing well and playing well is a byproduct of that process,” Helfrich explained.

Mariota will have a chance to solidify his Heisman campaign on Friday when Oregon takes Arizona. The Ducks will look to avenge their only loss of the season and clinch a berth in the College Football Playoff.

Top Photo Credit: Kevin Cline



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