Oregon Looking to Lockdown Helfrich

In this year’s inaugural College Football playoff, all but one coach have taken a team that they have coached in the past to a National Championship victory.  Nick Saban of AlabamaJimbo Fisher of Florida State, and Urban Meyer of Ohio State have all led previous teams to the glory land.  The fourth coach in the mix this year, is Oregon’s Mark Helfrich.

It has been reported by oregon.247sports.com that Oregon is looking to lockdown Helfrich to a long-term deal.  Many loyal Ducks fans were skeptical of Helfrich, as they believed he would not be able to continue the excellent tradition that Chip Kelly established during his tenure as Head Coach of the Ducks.  The 2013 campaign certainly did not turn out the way Ducks fans had hoped, with losses in the regular season to Stanford and Arizona.  Despite one grueling loss this season to Arizona, the Ducks got revenge in the Pac-12 Championship game against the Wildcats, slaughtering them 51-13.

Helfrich certainly does not have the resume’ that Saban, Fisher and Meyer boast, but he does know how to coach a Football team and that goes without saying.  Based on precedence, Ducks fans can expect Helfrich to be offered something in the neighborhood of $4 Million to $5 Million per year.  Helfrich has his team contending for a National Championship this year, he has recruited an incredible class for next year, and he has shown that he can take a program to heights that most people thought would be impossible to reach after the departure of Chip Kelly.

Ducks fans, stay tuned to FishDuck.com, as we will certainly keep you updated with all things Helfrich related.

Top Photo: Donald Alarie

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