The Best Kind of Homework: Middle Schoolers Support Mariota

Last night Marcus Mariota headed back to his room, but his car was a little heavier than usual. The Hawaiian, now probably a lock for the Heisman Trophy, has won every award he’s been nominated for thus far. Earlier this week he took home the Johnny Unitas Award, and just last night at the Home Depot College Football Award Show the fourth year junior won the Walter Camp (best player), the Davey O’Brien (best quarterback) and the Maxwell (best player) trophies.

Before the award show took place though, a special group of middle schoolers wanted to express their love for the Duck QB. Oxford Preparatory Academy, a middle school in California, produced an almost three minute long video parodying the popular Harlem Shake trend in which they promoted Mariota’s Heisman campaign. The video comes on the heels of O’Hara Christian School’s Charlie Pape’s world-famous question for Mark Helfrich, where the middle schooler mentioned how at his school there are three things kids talk about, “Jesus, girls, and Marcus Mariota.”

The Heisman presentation is approaching rapidly, with Mariota expected to take home the trophy tomorrow night in New York, and for once the player who brings home College Football’s most prestigious award will really deserve the honor. The past two winners, Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston, both have had their fair share of off-the-field issues, whereas Mariota’s greatest slip up was a speeding ticket.

The humble and all-around excellent player and person that Mariota is represents exactly what a Heisman winner should be. He excelled on the field, dominating all competition with ease and he excelled off the field where he has led his teammates to be a powerful force in the Ducks’ push for a championship.

The video made by these middle schoolers shows just how admirable a person Mariota must be if a teacher is willing to take valuable time to shoot and edit a video in support of him. Not only is Mariota an inspiration and a leader for his teammates, but he also inspires young kids and fans everywhere. For all other players out there, regardless of your age, take note. This is what a true Heisman winner looks like.

Top photo from video

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