Video:’s International Correspondent Randy Morse (aka The Fool on the Hill) Says the Pacific Northwest is the New Football Hotspot

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The one thing that’s constant in this world is… change. That holds for sports as well as it does for shopping habits (goodbye corner grocery, hello WalMart) or the cost of gasoline. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a perceptible shift happening on the college football landscape. So long to “three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust” Midwestern-style ball. See ya’ll later, SEC. Welcome to the brave new world of hyper-speed offensives, defenses that are as athletic and they are big. Welcome to a region where flash and flesh mesh, where the ultra cool vibe is matched by ultra cool uniforms.

Welcome to the great Pacific Northwest.

Note from the Owner: Randy Morse is‘s international correspondent, aka “The Fool on the Hill,” a writer/editor/publisher who contributes articles and videos throughout the week, mixing his unique perspective and lifestyle with his often amusing thoughts on the Ducks, and life in general. The “Hill” he reports from is a mountainous alpine village in British Columbia, Canada where the air is clear…and this time of year it’s always cold! While Randy’s based in another country in the middle of Alpine Nowhere,  his heart bleeds green just like ours. Obviously, passion for our beloved Ducks knows no boundaries! Charles Fischer

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