Blood Red to Neon Green: Vernon Adams Jr.

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Braxton Miller


Not likely to be Oregons next QB

Now that the Braxton Miller to Oregon rumors have died down there is another graduate QB who is reportedly eyeing Oregon as a landing spot. This QB is of course Eastern Washington’s Vernon Adams Jr.; he who trods on turf the color of blood and leaves his opponents feeling like their blood is what colored it. While not the biggest guy in the world (6’0” 200 lbs.) he has had numbers that are ridiculous at EWU, pointing to the fact that he deserves at least a shot playing at the FBS level. While he has played largely against underwhelming competition in the FCS, he has played against two Pac-12 teams. Beating Oregon State in a game in which he compiled over 500 yards of offense and 6 total TDs, and having a close to 500 yards and 7 total TDs in a loss to Washington.

These gaudy numbers have led FishDuck’s own Jordan Ingram to believe that, should he come to Oregon,Adams could very well win the second straight Heisman trophy for Oregon. While this is all conjecture, Adams would bring a player who would be very much like a combination of Marcus Mariota and the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. Having thrown for over 10,000 yards and 110 TD’s in three seasons at EWU, he has been a force of nature against any and all comers, FCS or not. On top of these gaudy passing numbers, he also has rushed for 1,200 yards and 11 TDs in his three years there.

Next Oregon Heisman Winner?


Next Oregon Heisman Winner?

What these stats show me is that he is a true QB first, who just so happens to have amazing running ability. This is important for Oregon, as it seems that Mark Helfrich likes to use the passing game much more than Chip Kelly ever did, and if he wishes to continue to evolve the passing game to match the run game then he will need to keep obtaining good passers at the QB position. While it could be a bit risky to rely on an FCS QB to come in and take your starting job, Vernon Adams Jr. is not just any FCS QB, and could very well be Heisman winner number two for Oregon.

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