Oregon Has Multi-Purpose Receiving Corps

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Oregon will need strong performances from receivers such as Keenan Lowe.

Kevin Cline

Oregon will need strong performances from receivers such as Keenan Lowe.

The Ducks are only a couple days away from their date with Ohio State for the College Football Playoff National Championship game on Jan. 12. The Ducks arrived in Dallas without the talents of wide receiver Darren Carrington II who will miss the rest of the post-season for the Ducks due to NCAA violations. And while the the players and fans will miss Carrington, the Oregon receiving corps still offers a ton of reliable and dynamic assistance for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Keenan Lowe, Byron Marshall, Dwayne Stafford, Charles Nelson, and even stout running back Royce Freeman, each represents a unique receiving threat for the Buckeyes. Every one of them has made valuable contributions all year as route runners for Oregon’s Heisman winning quarterback.

The latest Oregon offense has required a lot from their receiving group. Oregon’s receivers have mastered the art of downfield blocking, gashing through the secondary as quick release valves or deep threats for Mariota.

Marshall especially has proven his ability to contribute to the passing game, embracing Oregon’s ”slash” position, a hybrid between a running back and receiver, and leads the Ducks with 66 receptions for 834 yards and 383 rushing yards, totaling 1,265 total yards this season.   

Look for the Oregon offense to replace the loss of both Devon Allen and Carrington in the championship game by asking more from everyone. These Ducks have played team football all year, overcoming adversity and producing surprise performances. In the title game, look for these young men to dazzle fans once again.

Top photo by Craig Strobeck

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