Should We Listen to Eagles’ Talk – Moving Up to Take Mariota?

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It has been reported in every major news outlet across the country, that the Philadelphia Eagles, and Head Coach Chip Kelly would do whatever it takes to move up in the draft to a position where they feel they could take Marcus Mariota. Since the season ended for the Ducks a few weeks ago, we haven’t heard much on the topic. At the same time, we all know Marcus Mariota has declared for the draft, we know he wants to play with Chip, but will he? Right now, the Eagles have the 20th pick in the first round, so keep that in mind.

Check Reality

Coaches who move on from college to the professional level have a special ability to adapt their football knowledge to vastly different games — the speed and strength difference the NFL demands over college is outstanding in and of itself. Kelly helped to recruit Mariota, alongside current Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich, giving the 3-star Hawaiian quarterback a chance not many other universities deemed necessary. Kelly manned the sidelines for Mariota’s redshirt year, along with one incredible season after that. With Helfrich stepping in after Kelly’s departure to the NFL, Mariota matured and his game took a step to the next level.

With Kelly now in a position where he can hand pick players to play on his team, many think he will go after Mariota. This is not to say he won’t, but the Eagles would likely have to part ways with running back LeSean McCoy in order to move up in the draft. You take it for what it is worth; I am not the GM of a football team, nor have I ever been. I don’t think the Eagles would be willing to part ways with an established top running back in the league, even if it means getting Mariota.

As we are all interested to see what happens with Mariota in this year’s draft, is your place to be for the latest news.

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