Ducks and Warriors Set To Play 3-Game Series starting in 2020

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Here’s a quick trivia question for all you Oregon or college football fans: When was the last time Oregon and Hawaii squared off with one another? It was all the way back in 1994. Over the upcoming decade, the Ducks and Rainbow Warriors will face off in a exhilarating triple-header. Starting in 2020, in Eugene, and will meet there once again in 2023. It will not be until the year after when Hawaii will host the Ducks in Halawa. Oregon leads the series 4-3.

The news was first reported by Ferd Lewis of the Honolulu Star Advertiser, who told readers that the teams agreed to terms on a three-game series beginning in 2020. To most Duck fans, this shouldn’t be a surprise as many players on the Oregon football roster are from Hawaii. One can’t forget about the legendary QB Marcus Mariota, and the vast amount of success he brought to the football program. Another key player from Hawaii is a DE Canton Kaumatule, who is part of the Ducks class of 2015 signees. Some other notable native Hawaiian Ducks are LB DeForest Buckner, OL Davis Miyashiro, TE Koa Ka’ai, and DB Bronson Yim.

When both teams face each other off in 2020, I bet the Ducks will still be winning "the jersey battle" and obviously Win The Day.

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When the teams face off in 2020, the Ducks may win “the jersey battle” and Win The Day.

It makes sense as to why both teams agreed to play against each other during the next decade. Although these current Ducks won’t actually play against the ‘Bows, it’s notable to acknowledge and take into account the amount of talent the football program gets from Hawaii.

It may seem sort of premature or far fetch that the Ducks have prepared a match-up that’s years away from happening, but what many fans don’t realize is that out-of-conference games are usually scheduled in advance. It should be interesting to see how the match-up between these two teams rekindles and who will come out victorious. Having a one game victory definitely gives the advantage to Oregon, but that could possibly change in 2020.

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