Ducks Declare Fifth Straight Winning Season With Washington State Victory

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Yesterday the Oregon Ducks stomped Washington State with a 95-72 win at Matthew Knight Arena.

Joseph Young and Dwayne Benjamin were the MVPs of the game with a combined 54 points. Young had 29 and Benjamin followed closely behind with a career-high of 25. According to, Young was just a couple assists away from a triple double (29 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists).

The Ducks stepped on the court and immediately starting finding the bucket, giving themselves a 12-0 lead to start the game. Five different UO players puts points on the board in the first eight minutes of the game. Going into the half the Ducks led 52-28.

Dwayne Benjamin drops it down hard on the Cougars.

John Sperry

Dwayne Benjamin drops it down hard on the Cougars.

Coming out of the half the Ducks took a 32 point lead after Benjamin’s dunk off a lob from Young, giving the pair two alley-oop connections on the game. Throughout the remainder of the game the Ducks kept a 20-point lead to help get them to their 95-72 win over Washington State. Now the Ducks are tied with Oregon State for third in the Pac-12 (7-4).

When head coach Dana Altman was asked about the game yesterday he said, ”I was really pleased with our activity in the first half; the guys really flew around. Diving on loose balls and made shots for each other. In the first half, I really loved our intensity. Joe played really good, Elgin gave us some shots. I thought it was a step in the right direction. It’s the consistency we are looking for.”

The Ducks seem a little more in sync with one another each game and will hopefully remain consistent going into the next few games. Oregon had its third-highest total number of assists on the season in yesterday’s game at 23, and six turnovers, which ties the Ducks’ lowest number of turnovers on the season. After last night’s win it solidifies 2014/15 as Oregon’s fifth year in a row with a winning season. Not to mention last night’s win brought the Ducks to 114 wins in the last five seasons, the school and Dana Altman’s all time best five-year win total.

When Young was asked about the offensive performance in the post-game press conference he said, ”Pretty complete. On the defensive end we were really making some stops and everybody was on the floor and I haven’t seen everybody on the floor yet. I think we had a few loose balls on the floor and we came up with them. This team is learning and I like the activity we are giving each other and the positive energy is working.”

The Ducks will look to continue their winning season on the road against USC this Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Top Photo by John Sperry 

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