Oregon Extends Offer to Talented 2016 Recruit

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The biggest challenge in college sports is filling the spots of those who move on. Whether that person is graduating and moving on, or taking their talents to the professional ranks, the recruiting battle is forever endless. With that being said, the Oregon Ducks have extended an offer to Nathan Smith, a top lineman recruit in the class of 2016, according to oregon247sports. Nathan plays football at Murrieta’s Mesa High School, in Southern California.

This kid is absolutely massive. At 6’7, 275 pounds, he has the size of a college football player already, with much room to grow. Smith is a Junior, so he will have a full year from now until he graduates high school to mature and improve his craft. He has also received offers from the likes of BaylorSMU, and UCLA, so it doesn’t surprise us one bit that Oregon decided to jump on this bandwagon. Smith is an incredibly talented player, with room to improve, and if the image below showing Smith pulling a car doesn’t wow you, then I have no idea what would. While some people might consider it very early to give an offer to a kid this young, obvious talent is discovered from a young age, hence the multiple offers he has already received. Coach Mark Helfrich and staff are doing a great job at recruiting talent now, and securing talent for future classes as well.

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Top Photo by Craig Strobeck

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