Recruiting Update: Over the Santiam Pass

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Recruiting success at the national level is no stranger to the Ducks. One could say however, that in-state talent hasn’t always been so ripe for the plucking as Oregon looks to reaffirm its foothold in the home state.

Developing almost in complete anonymity, tight end Cameron McCormick (3-Star/Bend, OR) is rumored to be close to giving the Ducks his college nod.

The visit was great,” said McCormick. “We got to see a lot… speaking with the players was very helpful and my meeting with Coach Mark Helfrich was really informative.”

You’d be hard pressed to know the six-foot-5, 230 lb. McCormick prior to his junior season, when a growth spurt and play on the field rippled towards Eugene.

“(Coach Helfrich) wanted me to know they take their time in recruiting and when they offer someone it is because they fit their program on and off the field.”

McCormick plans on announcing his program decision on his birthday, April 2nd, stay tuned!

To view McCormick highlights, please click here.

For up-to-the-minute recruiting news, please visit our friends at Duck Territory, who graciously provide with in-depth analysis and player-generated material. Look for my latest recruiting update every Wednesday. WTD!!!

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