Should Mariota Intentionally Drop his Own Draft Stock?

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A very interesting article came out this morning from, discussing the ways in which the Philadelphia Eagles could land Marcus Mariota. Everyone knows how much Chip Kelly and his former Oregon quarterback would love to be reunited, but the Eagles having the 20th pick in the first round is way too low to grab the Hawaiian. If you read the article, you will realize that some of it is obviously satirical.

Consider this: what if Mariota does drop his own draft stock?

Now, the thought of this actually seems ridiculous, and quite frankly, IT IS! Mariota is a mix of unlike anything we have ever seen before. He is the poster boy for combining skill on the field with professionalism off the field. The guy does not need his own publicist or someone watching his every move (the worst publicity he received in college was when he got pulled over for speeding). Take time to look deeper into this situation. Our beloved Mariota is so good and has such a promising career, we would all hate to see him go to a terrible team and potentially tarnish his career from the beginning.

I am not saying he should go out to the combine and make an absolute fool of himself. Everyone knows he won’t do that. However, it could be a good idea for him to take it down a notch and drop his draft stock a little bit. If he does this, it would make for a more feasible connection between himself and the Eagles. Philly’s only chance of getting the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in the draft is by trading away LeSean McCoy, which would be a terrible decision for any franchise to make. Realistically, the Eagles could trade some other names, or even draft picks to move into the Top 8, which might be good enough to snag Mariota.

Remember, this is all entirely hypothetical, and in complete response to an article published by a very pro-Eagles website this morning. It would be awesome to see Mariota reunited with Chip, as the combination of their talents and skill would produce awesome synergy of offensive display providing a lot of nostalgia for Ducks fans.

The 2015 NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis, Indiana. We at will keep you updated with all combine news pertinent to the seven Ducks who were invited to participate.

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