Three Reasons to Attend Oregon’s Basketball Last Home Game

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This Sunday officially marks the last home game for the Oregon basketball game team when they square off against Utah. Matthew Knight Arena will most likely be packed for this game as fans want to have their last chance of seeing the Ducks play before they embark on their last three away games and hopefully, earn a berth into the NCAA tournament. Plus, it will be senior day which means that this will also be an emotional day for all the seniors who will be playing their last home game with the green and yellow warriors. Other than this main reason to attend Sunday’s basketball game, here are two others to watch as the Ducks take on the Utes.

1. The “Duck”tastic Trophies

What many Duck fans don’t know is that the Oregon football team will also be recognized at the game with the display of a couple of amazing trophies. The trifecta trophies consist of The Pac-12 Trophy, The Rose Bowl Trophy, and The Heisman Trophy all of which will be shown to the public at Matthew Knight Arena about an hour before tip-off. Ultimately, this is a big honor for the Oregon football program which had a spectacular season this year. Fans will have their chance to demonstrate their Oregon pride by taking pictures with the trophies, especially with selfies.

Ladies and Gentleman, The latest creation of Nike's  "Hyper Elite collection" will be showcased this Sunday.


Ladies and Gentleman, The latest creation of Nike’s “Hyper Elite collection” will be showcased this Sunday.

2. Dazzling New Nike Jerseys

As Duck fans, we are used to our sports teams being well-taken care of in terms of amazing uniforms, courtesy of Nike of course. When Oregon plays Utah, they will show off their new uniforms, which are part of Nike’s “Hyper Elite Collection.” These uniforms are all white with apple green lettering and numbers, while the socks and shoes are a combination of dark green, apple green and black. Although it’s not unusual for us to see Nike treat our athletes with the best of the best in terms of attire, it’s always fantastic to see aesthetically pleasing new uniforms.

3. “Rivalry Week”

Since 2012, the Ducks and Utes have despised one another, thus transforming their relationship to a rivalry that will truly be epic down to the wire. Utah is currently 21-4 and is one spot over the Ducks in the Pac-12 standings. This is by far the best season the Utes are having since they joined the Pac-12 back in 2011. Evem having one of the best defenses and three-point shooting in the Pac-12, Oregon will still have their hands full and will need to fight throughout the game if they want to “Win The Day.”

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