Jets Agree to Trade Sixth Pick to Philadelphia, Sources Say

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Kristian Dyer of Metro Sports News reported that the Eagles and the Jets have a trade in place that, assuming Marcus Mariota is still available with the sixth pick, would send the former Duck to Philadelphia. Philly, of course, is the home of former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, as well as a league-leading nine other Duck players.

Could Chip Kelly be reunited with his former star come draft day?

Gary Breedlove

Could Chip Kelly be reunited with his former star come draft day?

According to Dyer’s source, the move would require “multiple picks and a player.” Currently Philadelphia holds the No. 20 spot in this year’s draft, and to move up 14 spots, Dyer’s source suggested Philly would have to do something on par with what the Saints did in 1999. New Orleans sent eight draft picks to the Washington Redskins so the Saints could draft the former Heisman winner, Ricky Williams.

Now, it’s important to remember that this move only happens if Mariota is still available with the sixth pick. Jameis Winston has, it appears, the No. 1 pick on lock. After that, the only other team who would consider taking a QB would be Tennessee at the No. 2 spot. Since many experts believe the Titans want to give sophomore QB Zach Mettenberger another shot, though, there’s a solid chance the Titans pass on Mariota.

In short, if everything falls just right, Mariota should be the Eagles starting QB next season. Although it’s too early to buy your jersey, it wouldn’t hurt to keep your fingers crossed.

More to come soon.

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