Jets Might Choose to Fly ‘Mariota Airways’

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It’s fun for us Ducks fans to look at everything that is happening in the NFL right now, and think to ourselves: “How would this effect Marcus Mariota’s placement in the 2015 NFL Draft?” It’s something we all love to do, simply because we love Mariota. The guy provided fans with memories that likely will never be matched. He is arguably the greatest college quarterback ever, and he is a role model for everyone. With that being said, we want to see him go to a team that will help him succeed right off the bat.

It was just reported that the Chicago Bears have agreed to send Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets for a fifth round draft pick. Adam Schefter of ESPN, announced today that this is a done deal, if Marshall passes a physical.

Chip, is this all playing in to your master plan to snatch Mariota?

Kevin Cline

Chip, is this all playing in to your master plan to snatch Mariota?

Do keep in mind that yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets agreed in principle to a trade that would give the Eagles the sixth pick in the draft if Marcus Mariota was still available. Check out writer Caleb Couturie’s analysis of this potential trade.

The Bears are of the mindset that they are heading into a rebuilding stage, hence getting rid of Marshall and dumping his contract. With the Jets picking up Marshall, this means their starting receiving core next year will be Marshall on one side, Eric Decker on the other side, and Percy Harvin in the slot. On paper, this is the best set of receivers of any team in the league.

All true Ducks fans want to see Mariota succeed, no matter where he ends up. It would be epic to see a reunion in Philadelphia with Chip Kelly, but with the sixth pick in the draft, the Jets might still prefer to snatch Mariota. Geno Smith has been the poster boy for inconsistency in his young NFL career. Being bigger, better and faster then Smith, Mariota could bring a spark to this Jets team most notably known for severely underachieving.

It would be nice to see Mariota in Philly, but we want what is best for him. Quite frankly, that situation might be in New York. We shall wait and find out.

It never gets old. Maybe Mariota can be the quarterback the Jets need.

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