Oregon Extends Offer to Son of Former NFL Great

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In the competitive world that is college football recruiting, landing big names is important. According to oregon247sports.com, the University of Oregon has extended a scholarship offer to Thaddeus Young, son of arguably the greatest wide receiver to ever play in the NFL – Randy Moss.

Thaddeus, now with close to 15 collegiate offers, is attempting to live his own life when it comes to football. The 6’4, 240 lb. tight end is an absolute freak of nature. Having size that his father would have wished for, Thaddeus has the ability to play both sides of the ball. His unique athletic ability and size make him an early national recruiting target. Check out this short highlight video below:

Thaddeus is striving for the same success his Father had.


Thaddeus is striving for the same success his Father had.

Getting the younger Moss offspring would ultimately be great for the Ducks. Offers from Michigan and North Carolina State are wonderful, but Oregon is the first powerhouse football school to offer Moss, and maybe he will take that into consideration. He is expected to get many more offers, but the Junior, three-star tight end from Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte, North Carolina, will have a place in Eugene if he so wishes.

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