Former Bucs GM Says He Would Take Mariota No. 1 Overall

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Mark Dominik, former Tampa Bay GM and now analyst for ESPN, weighed in on which QB (Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston) he believes the Bucs should take first overall. The article, a mock situation in which Dominik is the GM of Tampa Bay again, is just one more example of the never-ending debate about which QB will be better in the NFL.

Dominik believes Mariota will be a better pro than Winston.

Kevin Cline

Dominik believes Mariota will be a better pro than Winston.

For starters, Dominik dismisses the notion of taking anyone but a QB at No. 1, saying, “It is too important that we solidify the quarterback position long term.”

He then elaborates, ”I feel as though the things we want to improve or develop with Mariota are correctable, whereas the things we worry about with Winston are out of our control.” Dominik is of course addressing the off-field issues Winston struggled with during his tenure at FSU.

Of course, the former Bucs GM was sold on more than just Mariota’s personality traits. Dominik’s analysis of Mariota is this:

“He has great size, arm strength, a clean release, very good athleticism that can cover for some of his weaknesses earlier in his career, but most importantly, I think he is a smart, competitive and passionate guy.”

The selling point and ultimately the reason why Mariota is the better choice in Dominik’s eyes, is that “one of the most important parts of being a successful NFL quarterback is having the entire locker room see you put the time in. There’s no question to me that Mariota will be the first one in, last one out.”

Dominik was Tampa Bay’s GM from 2009-2013, and certainly still has connections to the organization. Although his opinion ultimately doesn’t mean anything, Dominik’s insight provides a lot better prospective than most.

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