Just Duckin’ Around — Dion Jordan and Chip Kelly Reunion in the Works?

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We have all found out this offseason just how much of an “Oregon East” the Philadelphia Eagles have become under Chip Kelly, with the blockbuster trade for Kiko Alonso being the shining example of this. As Kelly continues to rebuild this team in his own image, the weeks that follow the draft could be just as interesting as the ones that preceded it. It isn’t much of a stretch to think that if Kelly doesn’t get some of the players he wants in the draft, he could look to other teams’ rosters.

A move to the "City of Brother Love" could be good for Jordan

A move to the “City of Brother Love” could be good for Jordan.

This thought process has resurrected a rumor about the Eagles trading for former Oregon defensive end and outside linebacker Dion Jordan. While Jordan has largely been a disappointment thus far in his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins, most people chock this up to being in the wrong scheme because of his smaller build (6’6”, 275) — i.e., built more like a large tight end or a linebacker than a 4-3 DE.

ProFootballTalk’s David Michael Smith agrees that a change of scheme and scenery could be Dion Jordan’s best bet, with the obvious fit joining his former coach. Aside from the he’s-a-Duck-so-Kelly-wants-him talk, Jordan would be a great scheme fit for the Eagles.

Kelly would be one of the few coaches, along with Rob or Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick who could get the most out of Jordan’s particular set of skills as an edge rusher and the drop man in zone blitzes. If the Eagles did trade for Jordan, he would likely still be a rotational player, likely being used in nickel packages to help cut off outside runs and cover tight ends as well as rushing the passer.

Kelly is one of a few coaches who could make Jordan play his best.

Kelly is one of a few coaches who could bring out Jordan’s best.

Perhaps the biggest point in favor of this trade is the timing. In his article for PFT, Smith refers to the fact that Jordan could likely be had for a bargain price right now. Amid speculation that the Dolphins don’t even have a role for him on defense, a 4th-round pick or a player the ‘Fins could use might be enough to sway them. Nick Fierro of The Morning Call seems to think the same thing, suggesting a specific trade that would send Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin to South Beach in exchange for Jordan.

At the end of the day, this is just a fun rumor for now, but it’s one of the few rumors that actually makes sense. This seems a lot more plausible than the idea that the entire offseason has been a series of moves to ultimately get Marcus Mariota – as many people keep insisting. We shall see if Chip Kelly has any interest in Dion Jordan, but if the price is right, then why not?

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