Looking Forward to Next Year’s Basketball Squad

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Despite the fact that the Ducks didn’t make it far into the 2015 NCAA Tournament it’s still important to recognize the fact that they had one amazing run this year. Redshirt senior G Joseph Young had a legendary impact  serving as Oregon’s “go-to-guy” during tough stretches at the end of games. However, next season is the beginning of a new era for the Ducks. So, here are several pointers  looking forward as next season slowly approaches.

Certainly, we notice that Oregon will be having players that were pivotal throughout the whole season, such as F Dwayne Benjamin, F Dillon Brooks, F Elgin Cook, C Jordan Bell, G Ahmaad Rorie, and G Casey Benson. Evidently, we as Duck fans can expect an older group of men alongside each other next season. Plus, it’s crucial to mention the fact that there will be an increase in their number of bench minutes. The forward trio of Benjamin, Brooks, and Cook are a perfect example of important Oregon players that will be constantly switching out with one another during a game next year. It will ultimately depend on head coach Dana Altman, along with other the coaches, to discover which forward duo works best in certain games.

Towards the end of the season, we started noticing the excitement Dillon Brooks brings when he throws down thunderous dunks such as this one.

Craig Strobeck

Towards the end of the season, we started noticing the excitement Dillon Brooks brings when he throws down thunderous dunks such as this one.

Another aspect to examine is the likelihood of Oregon being bigger next season. The chances of F Roman Sorkin and F Michael Chandler seeing playing time next season are a strong possibility. Last year, one of the biggest disadvantages the Ducks had going into their 2014-2015 campaign was their size. Bell was able to cushion the blow for us last season with his size, which assisted him in coming up with some amazing blocks on defense. Both Chandler and Sorkin saw limited time on the court due to an injury and difficulty adjusting to the basketball system in the United States, respectively. Ultimately, the combination of Bell, Chandler, and Sorkin will give the Ducks more power in the height category.

Young was the hallmark player of Oregon’s basketball tourney last season and he, without a doubt, will surely be missed. However, next season is a brand new year without him, along with new players flocking in as Ducks. As we move past last season, we focus on the fresh start and the great success next season’s Ducks will have.

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck



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