Marcus Mariota’s Draft Day Update

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At long last, Draft Day has finally arrived. Tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN, many young football players will have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality and become part of an NFL team. With what felt like eternity, Duck fans will then know where their former star QB will begin his NFL career.

Marcus Mariota 326, Stanford, 14, KC

Kevin Cline

Mariota going through his pregame warmups.

Critics and analysts alike have been following Marcus Mariota for months now – from his combine performance, workouts, interviews and pro days. Tonight, that all comes to an end, but of course, it won’t truly be a draft day if there weren’t trade rumors surrounding Mariota and the Tennessee Titans.

So far, this Flyin’ Hawaiian Duck’s path seems a little cloudy at the moment because approximately five teams are seeking to trade with the Titans for their No. 2 overall pick. But, of the five teams seeking to add Mariota’s talents to their roster, the Eagles and Browns are the frontrunners.

This is because the Rams would have to give up more than they are willing to give up, the Jets don’t have enough bargaining power to meet the Titans’ demands, and as of this morning on the “Mike & Mike” show, Adam Schefter reported that  Phillip Rivers isn’t going to leave the San Diego Chargers.

Schefter’s statement saying, “Philip Rivers isn’t going anywhere. He is staying in San Diego,” can be found on twitter — or click here.

Chip Kelly 25, TennTech,12,KC

Kevin Cline

Kelly watches another Mariota TD.

So, can the Eagles and Chip Kelly really lock up this pick and get their quarterback of the future?

Well, the Eagles have some weapons to trade which includes Sam Bradford, along with  their first- and third-round picks of this year’s draft. But the Browns may one-up the Eagles with two picks in this year’s first round of the draft, which is what the Titans really want.

However, the Titans are being steadfast about their pick and sources from inside their facility have said it could take as much as three first round picks to secure their second-overall pick. So, whether Mariota becomes a Titan, Eagle or any of the other possibilities — one thing is certain, we’ll find out PDQ.

Top Photo by John Sperry

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