Morgan Mahalak on Jeff Lockie, Consistency and Having Fun

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Jordan Ingram reporting for at Hatfield-Dowlin Complex in Eugene, Ore.

Shortly after practice today, was able to catch up with Morgan Mahalak to discuss his progress throughout the last couple weeks of spring practices.

Earlier this week, Oregon Ducks Head Coach Mark Helfrich spoke about Mahalak regarding his progress in this past off-season and into spring ball.

“He’s competing now. He’s giving himself a chance. I think [Mahalak] said it publicly, that he probably didn’t put his best foot forward in the fall,” Helfrich said. “But he’s competing hard right now, which is all you can ask for at this point.”

1. Mahalak on Jeff Lockie: “He is a great mentor.”

Lockie has been a mentor for the younger quarterbacks, including Mahalak.

Kevin Cline

Lockie has been a mentor for the younger quarterbacks, including Mahalak.

Mahalak mentioned that he continues to benefit from Lockie’s years of experience as a two-year understudy to Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota.

“He’s a great teammate and a great guy, and someone I can really look up to,” Mahalak said. “He’s really smart. He knows what he’s doing and he’s known that for a while. Any way I can pick his brain is always beneficial for me and he’s always got tons of great advice. He’s a really great mentor.”

2. Mahalak’s Spring Goals: Stay Consistent and Have Fun

“The biggest thing for me has been in the film room and just getting the offense down so I can kind of just play and be free,” Mahalak said. “Each and every day focusing on little things and just getting better.”

Mahalak elaborated on what he hopes to accomplish during the spring:

“Improvement each and every day. Stay consistent, really dial the offense in and know what I’m doing out there. Be free and play and just have fun,” Mahalak said. “You have to keep this in perspective. We’re 19 years old out here and this is a dream to play here. It’s competitive and it’s hard work but at the same time, you know, have a little fun.”

3. Mahalak on Vernon Adams, Jr.:

Eastern Washington graduate transfer Vernon Adams is currently finishing his degree and is not eligible to participate in spring practices. For the younger quarterbacks such as Mahalak, this is an opportunity to boost their stock with coaches and teammates.

“[Adams] is a nice guy and he seems like he’s going to be a good fit for our team,” Mahalak said. “He’s a pretty athletic dude so we’ll see what happens when he gets here. But right now, we’re not really focused on anyone that’s not here, we’re focused on the guys that are here. All I can really do is control what I can control.”

Top photo by Craig Strobeck


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