Is Shutting Down? Yes and No…

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Is shutting down? No. Is the site scaling down drastically? Yes. We published five to six articles per day in April, three to four per day in May, and now we will publish six to seven per week. Do check in as the articles we put up will be high quality and we should be publishing something nearly every day within some very interesting article categories.

I am done managing 100 volunteers. Between growth and turnover, dealing with the lower end of the learning curve was a managerial constant. A hobby is 3-5 hours a week and not 30 hours a week in addition to my career as an Investment Advisor as it has been.  I want my life back, as I’ve had two weekends off in two years … and putting in 15-20 hours on a weekend for the site is routine.  I am not doing this anymore, and while I thought I had this transition completed a time or two in the past, at this juncture – it is happening. I have to, and want to.

Fortunately we have a terrific Managing Editor in Caleb Couturie who will run the site, with experienced writers and editors remaining who know how to write/edit well and operate professionally.

There is no money in a site like this … not before, not now; and after sifting through the smoke screens pitched at me — not later, either, when you have a free site.  I intended to have a hobby providing cool stuff to Oregon fans … not dedicate my life for the entertainment of others. I knew all along the income potential was limited … and that was not my original intention anyway.  The Google ads you see barely pay the costs of the site and that is not counting the over $40,000 of my own money put into it.

I wish to get back to studying and learning about our offense again, as I do very little of that anymore.  I will still put up analyses and have some coaches do that (like this Tuesday again), but not every week.  Every two weeks, two of three weeks, or whenever the urge hits.  And you know me….I will have stuff to say once in awhile and will use the site to say it.

This site is becoming more of a writers/editors Co-Op, where we all do our part for fun. It is Oregon fans writing for fellow Oregon fans!

I am an investment advisor who had specialized in Planned Giving, but I have not presented a Planned Giving workshop in nearly two years. I love doing them, have set up millions of dollars in Planned Gifts for Nonprofits and churches, and can’t wait to begin the new schedule of them. The world needs more Planned Gifts (through investment and insurance vehicles) and can live without an occasional football article from me. It is going to be fun to plunge back into it and work to make an impact.

I want to have as a writing hobby of 3-5 hours per week like everyone else on the site; I am a passionate Oregon fan, and want to become the fan part of it again.

You know what I'm going to say....

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You know what I’m going to say….

“Oh how we love to learn about our beloved Ducks!”

FishDuck Forever

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