Not Your Typical Defensive Lineman: Jordan Kurahara

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The Oregon Ducks have an exciting year ahead of them for their football program. After the success of their 2014-15 season, this organization has made themselves a force to be reckoned with for the upcoming eason. This upcoming season the Ducks are making decisions on who will fill the big shoes that Marcus Mariota left behind, be it Jeff Lockie, Vernon Adams or someone unexpected. One new Duck named Jordan Kurahara is ready to make a name for himself on the team playing alongside whoever fills the spot.

6-foot-9 Kurahara is an Oregon native who grew up in Sherwood,Ore. While in Sherwood he attended Sherwood High school where he made an impact not only on the football team, but the basketball team, as well. Kurahara played on the varsity level for both sports and used his height to become a dominant player in both.

Greg Lawrence was Kurahara’s football coach during his high school career. He watched him improve as well as get used to his height, which apparently took the lineman some time to get used to his new-found advantage. “He finally caught up to his growth last year, and he was a dominant defensive lineman for us,” Lawrence said (The Oregonian).

Johnny Lloyd, Oregon's former two-sport star.

Steve Francis

Johnny Lloyd, Oregon’s former two-sport star.

Having someone as tall as Kurahara play a lineman position is not typical. It usually leads to the player becoming an easy target. Although his height was of great benefit during his basketball career, he decided keep his main focus on football. With athletes such as Johnathan Loyd proving that they can transition between basketball and football, who knows what Kurahara’s future will hold.

It is important as a high school athlete to produce stats that will catch a recruiters’ eye during your senior year. Kurahara was able to deliver these type of stats while playing at Sherwood He recorded a total of  47 tackles, 32 of which were solo. More notably he was able to get 6.5 sacks and one interception during that year.

That stats he put up his junior year were just as notable. Kurahara was able to reach 39 tackles and 6.0 sacks that year, showing that he was able to improve from one year to the next. During his time playing both tight end and defensive end he was able to earn three letters.

Jordan Kurahara

Jordan Kurahara via

Kurahara joined the Ducks for the 2014 football season and contributed as a scout teamer. This allowed him time to become better familiar with the program, as well as work on his skills. By redshirting his first year, he is giving himself more potential playing time, as well as giving himself the chance to grow as a player.

The 2015 Spring game was a big game for many players this year. It was the game that Lockie proved to many that he had the skills to lead the Ducks as quarterback. It was also the game that Kurahara got his chance to play a live game in at Autzen Stadium. He took the field wearing the No. 98 for this game as a member of the Oregon Green team. He recorded 5 tackles, which had him tied for second for the Green.


Top photo from Craig Strobeck

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