Happy Days! Is Oregon Going to set a New RECRUITING RECORD?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Recruiting 40 Comments

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Forget the buzz-kill of COVID and player demands. We are using this site as an escape from reality — a GREEN REFUGE, if you will. It is Thursday, and we don’t have a regular article scheduled, but I wanted your thoughts/predictions/WAGs about Oregon’s recruiting class that will be signed in December of 2020. Will it be a new record, a tie for the best or a clear-cut second best recruiting class at Oregon?

As you know, I follow the Rivals.com standings, and the all-time number of 4-Star and 5-Star players taken in a year was 14 for the 2018 class. Last year’s recruiting class tied with two other years for second best ever at 12. The Ducks currently have 12 for this recruiting cycle as well, and it is not even September yet! How will Our Beloved Ducks finish up?

The Ducks are favored to receive the verbal commitments of two 4-Star players in offensive lineman Kingsley Suamataia of Utah and receiver Dont’e Thornton of Maryland; these two would tie the all-time record. Yet, while we are favored and things look promising at the moment, there are no assurances.

The insane part of it all is that Oregon is a legit threat for the No. 1 and No. 2 high school players in the nation, in JT Tuimoloau of Washington and Korey Foreman of California. These exceptional 5-Star defensive linemen could shatter the top-five recruiting ranking ceiling for the Ducks if they commit, and Oregon truly is in the running!

Scott Kelley

The only way to stop a 5-Star like Kayvon Thibodeaux is to tackle him?

While it is an even lower probability, 5-Star offensive lineman Bryce Foster has the Ducks as one of his finalists. If Mario Cristobal can reel in the aforementioned 4-Star players to tie the record, then one of these 5-Star studs could break the all-time record! Oh-my-gosh!

Calm down, Charles.

Now I can bluster “of course Mario will get it done,” but it is easier said than achieved. These players are all leaning toward teams that have been in the playoffs in recent years such as Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State. Not an easy deal at all…

I want to believe we can set the record (my heart), but my head says we tie the all-time record, as the probability of gaffing the “Big-Fish” is low. So fourteen (14) is my prediction as I suspect Oregon will lose a verbal along the way and pick up another one to replace it. I am hoping/relying on Suamataia and Thornton to then tie the all-time record, which would lay an amazing base for a ton of winning Oregon football for years!

What is your prediction?

“Oh how we love to ponder about the recruiting of Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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Santa Rosa Duck

Thanks Charles a fun read in smoky Sonoma County. I wonder what happens to National Signing Day this year? Will it stand firm or will the current uncertainties over everything college football change the dates or give the recruits some wiggle room?

Charles I am shocked, at the image of you gaffing a top recruit. We need to be gentler than gaffing them. How about a barbless hook and a gentle release?

I wish a kid entering into or in, his final season of HS eligibility, with his parents/guardian approval if he is not of legal age, could sign whenever he so desired.

When, not if, the 1 ‘free transfer’ is approved, why delay anything?

Jon Sousa

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to at least quack about something during this time Charles. I appreciate the ponder points.

The real question is whether or not we can hold these recruits through signing day. IF we had a regular season, and IF Moorhead’s offense clicked in his first year as well as AA’s defense did in his first year, then I would say, definitely, that Oregon breaks a new record in recruiting.

On the other side of the coin, since we are NOT playing fall ball there are a couple of other ifs: IF the other three power conferences play fall ball, and IF they have a great season… THEN maybe some flip from Oregon and we only have 12 or 13 or the coveted 4* and 5* guys.

None of this COVID stuff is the scenario that any of us wanted. It is what it is. My official prediction is that Mario and company (including committed recruits) will get and hold onto more recruits and we will AT LEAST tie for the all time best.

Have a great day everyone!


I have no clue if the season will finish but I am almost certain the ACC will not. Imagine a team has to travel to syracuse and that team has had some positive testings(within 10 days) I bet the state prevents the team from entering. same with other big states like MA, PA, and VA. This doesn’t include the fact that UNC has paused all athletics this week due to a number of positive test from players and as i was looking for a player who i thought was GA tech(It was GA State) Notre Dame just paused practice due to 5 players testing positive.

That player i thought was GA tech but is actual GA state, announced he is out for the season with a heart condition caused by covid-19. He is a freshman, graduated high school early and was competing for the starting spot.

This makes me think the sec won’t have football either(or atleast finish). https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-alabama-students-crowds-safety-football-season/ if alabama can’t play I promise the SEC will follow suit.

Jon Joseph

UNC has sent all of its ‘regular’ students off campus and back home. But it is going to play fall sports?


I’ve mentioned this once and I still think this is the biggest aspect as to what will happen with recruiting. as of now oregon has ~85 scholarshipped players. and oregon has ~12 players who would have lost eligibility(I.E. Graduation seniors like Thomas Graham Jr, or Jaylon Redd) add in a few guaranteed draft picks Holland and Sewell and we are looking at 15-18 open spots in the coming season.

Now to my point if the NCAA extends Eligibility to the ~12 players then will they circumvent the 85 scholarship slot or will oregon have to process 15-20 players just to add to the recruiting class?

I think in a normal year(No covid) oregon under cristobal would pass that 14 blue chip mark and ends with a top 5 class this year. And I still think it is possible but until the NCAA stops being mum we can’t really know

Jon Joseph

I think the NCAA will treat players who cannot play in 2020 or opt out, in the same manner as it did baseball, etc. A 1 one year expansion of the roster.

But play spring ball? Oh, my!


Earlier today Nick Saban said that with players who have high NFL draft potential opting out, Spring football would be a JV season.


I know we will have a stacked receiver class but I was really surprised/disappointed that we ended up missing out on Xavier Worthy. He seemed like a lock and he could’ve ran track for one of the best times in the country as well. He looks like he has a Dat comparison but is 6’1 with better ball skills, a true absolute burner. Would’ve brought another dimension to the receiving core


He did seem like a lean, at least, toward Oregon’s recruiting class. I do look forward to seeing the speed return, once again, to the Oregon Football team.

It use to be that the track team was an extension of the football program. Does anyone know of a football player who is on the track team too right now? With the new Hayward Field, I would think, the track recruiting should be easier, and by extension the football team should benefit.

Jon Joseph

Where did he ‘commit?’ And, it ain’t over until signing day(s.)


Michigan, not sure why because they don’t seem to use guys like him all that well. Maybe he thinks he’ll have a better chance of being the go to guy. He’s from Fresno, Ca which is an hour from where I live.


my understanding with xavier worthy and this is just the twitter/reddit rumor mill is that he wanted to commit when he originally announced he was ready but his mother forced him to hold out as she prefered Michigan(Where he is committed now). Before he changed oregon let him know they wouldn’t hold his spot and let Brevard out of MS commit.

Brevard is a much more rounded Wr then Worthy, but he is kinda sluggish/slow especially compared to worthy. I will say Brevard is the kind of player to keep running and look for downfield blocks and at 6’4″ 200 he should be built to play coming in. seeing thornton’s 40 from the other day if he commits we should have a really good mix of WR’s this class.


Worthy does look a little raw and is not quite complete but this whole time I expected us to land Thornton who looks the similar as brevard just more athletic and better overall


I don’t know about the DAT comparison. I mean if I recall correctly the only thing that was limiting him from being rated the No. 1 prospect in the nation was his size. I remember reading one analyst saying that he was the only recruit they have ever seen that could have been a 5-star RB, WR, DB and CB. Can’t remember who said that (and a quick two minute Google search didn’t come up with anything), but I distinctly remember at least one analyst saying that.

I think what I’m saying is that nobody but DAT is DAT. I mean the only other person I’ve ever seen that had video game like moves the way he had was Barry Sanders. I mean we’re talking about true generational players…and if Thomas would have been another 10-15 lbs heavier…that’s exactly what he would have been. Hell, he was, but even in his last year here at Oregon you started to see his size being an issue when defenders would throw him around like a rag-doll with one hand.


While I was reading this, particularly your closing, I thought about Tyreek Hill. He is doing to NFL defenders what DAT did to his at Oregon. A quick look probably explained why. DAT is listed at 176 lbs. Hill, is running wild, carrying 185 lbs.


It’s amazing what an extra 10 lbs will do, especially when you take into consideration that a players listed weight is usually what they weigh at the start of game 1. A month or two down the road, with the way they work their bodies and lack of recovery time, you can bet they’re 5-10 lbs lighter than their listed weight, minimum.


Yea I agree Dat was a special player he just came to mind because of the speed and because he went to oregon. Worthy probably best resembles a desean Jackson


Interesting comparison with Barry Sanders. They both had that explosiveness and could break it from anywhere. When DAT was on the field you didn’t want to miss a down.

Jon Joseph

CHARLES, suggestion for the next ponder-point discussion.

Once again the B1G and the Pac-12 show their unity in the their response to the COVID virus.

The Dr. Pepper/ESPN ‘Playoff’ concludes in 2025/26.

Come 2026, should the B1G and Pac-12 kiss the so-called ‘playoff’ good-bye, take back the Rose Bowl and return to focusing on The Run For The Roses?

Sir, I have done as so requested.


“Happy Days are here again!” Yes, because that’s all we have with Mario in charge of Ducks recruiting. I don’t think there is any aspect of football where momentum is more present; since KT picked up the hat with the “O” on it, the elite recruits see Oregon as a destination school.

It is looking good with Sumataia & a text from Thornton yesterday was encouraging. Tuimoloau ? Taking him from Washington would of course be extra sweet, while the idea of him being a Buckeye is a definite downer, but adding to the Cali Flock with Foreman would be music to our ears, and set up Bill Plaschke to write another article in the LA Times about the scourge of Oregon recruiting in SoCal.


. . . the scourge of Oregon recruiting in SoCal.” – – – – Totally love it.


Honestly…OK before I get into the meat of what I was going to say, am I the only one that immediately thought, “Ayeeeeeee!” after the first five words of your post?

Back to honestly…

I think, and I could be totally wrong here, but where I see the shift in true blue chip recruits, as in upper echelon blue chip, seeing Oregon as a real option, and when recruiting changed with the Ducks; it wasn’t Thibodeaux picking up an Oregon had at his commitment, but it was the video of him leaving the sidelines after his official visit against those purple things up north…”Best college game I’ve ever been to…”

In my opinion…and like I said, I could be wrong, but it was THAT moment when Oregon recruiting changed (hopefully) forever.


You are not wrong! The momentum off of KT being a Duck did start with that video, and,” those purple things up north” should be the go to adjective from now on.


Hey, I’m not selfish. There aren’t any copyright claims on the term by me…use away brotha…use away…

Jon Joseph

Thanks Charles for the interesting ponder point.

With the curveball that COVID has thrown at us, it is difficult to predict anything in respect to CFB.

IF the ACC, B12 and/or, the SEC play fall ball you can bet a lot of negative recruiting will be headed Oregon’s and the Pac-12’s way.

But this is a BIG IF. Due to the number of COVID cases, UNC has already sent its student body back home. But UNC is going to allow its STUDENT-athletes to play sports this fall? If so, put the final nail in the STUDENT-athlete coffin.

Due to a number of cases at Notre Dame, football practice has been called off for at least 2 to 3 days? Will ND, a private school with no state liability indemnity, play ball?

What are the chances that on any CFB roster a single case of COVID will not be found? If this is the case, won’t the entire team have to be quarantined?

In an effort to help postponed-season-teams, the NCAA is considering allowing such team’s to practice; but, for only an absurd and completely arbitrary, 12 hours a week. How do the people at NCAA HQ come up with this stuff? And if it isn’t safe to play? How in the hell is it safe to practice?

How can the NCAA approve immediate eligibility for Justin Fields, JT Daniels, Tua’s younger brother, among others, and deny Cade Mayes, an OT transfer from UGA to TN, eligibility this season? Every student athlete who transfers is immediately eligible, except for those who play 5 sports. This stuff has to come to an end.

Sorry Charles, to wander OT, but there are more recruiting uncertainties this season than since stars were first awarded to HS recruits.

However, in Mario I more than trust. Will the record be broken? I hope so? But I am willing to wager that Mario will, again, bring in the top class in the conference.

In this ‘dead period,’ thanks for bringing these ponder points to the fore.


So something to ponder regarding the “negative recruiting” you mentioned; that’s not how Oregon recruits. The kids that commit here have all said that one of the things they like/liked about what the coaches at Oregon do and say is that they don’t put down another program. When they commit here, it’s because they want to play at Oregon and play for the Oregon coaches.


Jon, regarding your comment What are the chances that on any CFB roster a single case of COVID will not be found? If this is the case, won’t the entire team have to be quarantined?” I’m sure the schools that are going to play football are thinking about this and don’t want to have any cases of COVID to report, so may find a way to hide a case or two. For example reporting on cases for all sports together and not separate them out. Or report only on the total for the school, players and non players. Lots of ways to hide things until some reporter finds out and spills the beans.

As far as quarantining the entire team, yes that would be the proper thing to do but then if the school is going to play fall football they are not doing the proper thing to begin with, so you get what you get.

Good points about the NCAA approval of immediate eligibility. A very subjective subject, full of biases and favorites that are easy to hide.

I think you are totally right that the Pac not playing fall football will effect the recruiting in a negative way. Players just want to play and will look for ways to do just that.


Well, at this point , recruiting is all we have ! JT is going to Ohio state , fingers crossed about KF !!! What bothers me a lot about. KS , is , WHAT the heck is he waiting for , Penei is teaching this guy to bee better , WHY hasn’t he pulled the trigger on the ducks yet ????? I’d be living in Texas getting foster to Eugene ! I think we have a real shot because of track , only LSU has the same chance at wining the NC in football/ track ! What we are building is what the true blue bloods get every year ! So now , cut MC and his staff FAT checks and keep them around , cause as soon as auburn cuts loose GM , 7 mil a year phone call to MC is on the way or Texas !!!!!!!!!


Two things here…first, “WHAT the heck is he waiting for”? He’s a high school kid making what’s most likely the biggest decision of his life so far, the fact that he’s taking his time with it is actually a good thing. It’s someone who commits immediately that should scare you, as a recruiting fan. An immediate commitment is a quick, rash decision…which quite often turns into a quick, rash decision to go to a different school, or leave right away if things don’t go their way once enrolled.

The second…pay MC more? I’m not trying to be rude here, but have you been paying attention to what’s going on in the college football world the past couple of months? Kids are complaining that coaches are getting paid too much already, and don’t think the coaches aren’t paying attention to that too. There is no way that’s going to happen…none…especially from what I can tell about coach Cristobal. That’s one dude that has been paying attention to his players, and he seems to be a players coach.