Oregon’s Can’t Miss Kid From Carson

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In the last few years, Oregon has had lots of success recruiting four and five-star talent from southern California. Kids who played their high school ball in USC’s backyard are increasingly choosing to spend their winters up north in Eugene. In fact, Oregon has done so well in this region that Oregon fans have dubbed this annual group of SoCal athletes the “Cali Flock.”

Oregon has also had some luck on the east coast, recruiting talent from the state of Florida. Until recently, pretty much the only Duck you would find in Southern California and Florida was Donald Duck! And the flock keeps growing, spreading its wings from Disneyland to Disney World.

Oregon wide receiver Josh Delgado is an example of this trend. Delgado, who hails from Carson, California, was getting set to play a larger role in the Ducks’ offense. Then, the season was suspended. No matter, the extra time will just give Delgado more time to improve physically and show he will be ready whenever his number is called.

During his 2019 freshman campaign, Delgado appeared in all of Oregon’s 13 games, and started three when Oregon’s receiving corps became depleted due to injury. He entered camp below Brandon Schooler and fellow freshman Mycha Pittman. When both went down to injuries just days before the season started, Delgado was thrust into action, kicking off his Oregon career on a national stage against Auburn. Delgado ended his first season with 11 receptions and 147 yards. He has yet to find the end zone, but he will be there plenty in the coming years.

Matt Zlaket

Josh Delgado battles a Stanford defensive back.

During his recruitment, Delgado received offers from numerous other Pac-12 schools, as well as other well-known programs around the country, including Arkansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Purdue. The consensus four-star had Washington as the leader of his recruitment at first. However, that didn’t last long, because Delgado committed to Oregon in June of 2018, signing just days after his official visit in December of the same year.

During his high school years, Delgado spent his first three years playing for football royalty at St. John Bosco. In his junior season at John Bosco he had a stellar season, catching 55 passes for 960 yards and eight touchdowns. He was going to be one of California’s must-watch players during his senior season, but he elected to jump across the country and play for IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. During his time at IMG, Delgado continued to perform, putting up three touchdowns. After the season, he was named a consensus five-star in the state of Florida, and jumped to the 28th best receiver in the country.

Kevin Cline

Josh Delgado

Delgado’s size and speed don’t exactly jump off the stat sheet, but he does a lot of the little things right that make him a threat on any offense. Sometimes, when a player has the ball in his hands, it acts as an anchor. Not with Delgado, though, his ability to run with the football is second to none. He is great in open field, plays a physical brand of football, especially coming off the line.

Delgado is also an intelligent route runner, with the ability to improvise when the quarterback gets flushed out of the pocket. This was evident in the opening drive against Oregon State, where he found open space between the safety and defensive back in the slot, and connected with Justin Herbert for a 28-yard gain, his longest of the season.

When the season resumes, Delgado is going to find his role in the slot moving in and out with Jaylon Redd. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Delgado used on bubble screens, or a quick slant between the linebackers and the safeties. In the coming years when Redd’s time at Oregon is complete, Delgado will be a great fit to take on Redd’s starting role.

While Oregon has a pretty good punt and kickoff returner in Mykael Wright, Delgado is not a bad option here, either. Bottom line is, the kid from Carson can play a major role on the team in numerous capacities. He now has a year of experience, and a ceiling that has yet to be touched. When the Pac-12 gets the okay to resume play, he’ll be ready. You’re not going to want to miss it.

Cameron Johansson
Portland, Oregon
Top photo by Kevin Cline


Bob Rodes, the FishDuck.com Volunteer editor for this article, is an IT analyst, software developer and amateur classical pianist in Manchester, Tennessee.

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Josh was used a lot last year to reroute defenders and block for the other recievers… I passionately felt he should have had more targets… but… he’s selfless and does what he’s asked… for the greater good of the team…

Jon Sousa

Thanks for the article. I didn´t realize he had been in all 13 games. He should have been targeted more.


Definitely another area, receivers, who we won’t see compete to see who get the starting spots. This is one area where over the next couple years it will be interesting to see who becomes the next great receiver.

There is a lot of talent coming in and the position aren’t locked down. Our production has been getting better, but I think we are going to see somebody step up and become an NFL talent soon, maybe Delgago!

I think the receiver and the linebacker groups are seeing a completely different level of talent coming in to stir things up. It will be fun to watch, once it begins.


Thanks for shining a light on Josh Delgado. Nice read.


Not that it is a big deal, Cameron; and especially not now, but Jevon Holland was ostensibly Oregon’s returning punt returner. And yes, second in the nation in average yards per return is ‘pretty good’ – love your little bit of understated humor.


Absolutely. Another reason this season had so much potential; Morehead’s new offense, that Defense, and kick returners. The Ducks would have been hitting the other teams from everywhere!


I just came upon this: Justin Fields wants to play & he wants to play now!


“The Big Ten Conference has voted to postpone their 2020 fall football season, with hopes to play in the spring. But for one of the top prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft class, that’s not gonna cut it.
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields has started an online petition to have the Big Ten’s 2020 season reinstated, and it already has more than 5,000 signatures”


‘We demand to play. But we demand you pay us. And we demand you shoulder all the risk and expenses.”

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

You perfectly stated their position. They have adult bodies, but the maturity of children…


Great, the petition signers are saying things like “if we’re supposed to be protecting our kids from something, we demand to know what that is.”

I really have to wonder about either the intelligence or the integrity of the folks signing the petition. I am in the same camp as Jon and so many others, in that this coronavirus is viciously contagious and can have life altering (if not life ending) effects.

These institutions of higher learning relied on the best science and medical advice available before coming to a decision that they did not like, and will cost them $$. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun, but it will save lives.

Oh, and thank you Cameron for some delightful insight into the young Mr. Delgado. Go Ducks!


Their lives a likely just as at risk wherever they are NOT playing/practicing football. The universities’ decisions were more likely hinging upon the issue of liability (if the kid gets sick while playing).

I love getting these articles to remember players that signed with us in the recent past and renew their story. Good read, Cam!


Great morning read with my first cup o’ joe. Thanks, Cameron.

Jon Joseph

So much potential across the roster that will not have a chance to reach fruition in 2020.

Very sad. As is that fact that we have in all likelihood seen the last of Penei Sewell, Jevon Holland and others, playing for the Ducks.

Also sad we will not see a talent like Justin Fields play in Autzen. Worse, will the Ducks O line and new QB have any experience beyond an opening game when Oregon trips to Ohio State next season?

I do give credit to the NFL for cancelling its supplemental draft. But next year’s combine and draft will go ahead as currently scheduled.

You can bet that any quality player who will be draft eligible post 2020 is hearing from 3rd parties, agents, that to play another down of CFB is senseless.

For a program on the rise like Oregon, a program with a new OC and WR coach, calling the season off hurts far more than it will existing top drawer programs.

Nevertheless, I believe the PAC-12 and the B1G did the right thing erring, if they erred, on the side of player safety.

Thanks for the take.


Cameron, thanks a lot for the report on Delgado, reading it not only has me excited about him, but the entire receiving corps.


Good information Cameron, thanks for bringing it to us.