Improving Your Odds: 5 Key Factors in Sports Predictions

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Sports predictions are just that — predictions. There’s no way to ensure you’ll get things right, as something seemingly irrelevant might mean all the difference between winning and losing. However, this ratio doesn’t have to be 50:50 — you can improve your odds by following our expert tips.

Many factors are at play with sports predictions, but we are here to discuss the biggest ones. We’ve prepared a list of five crucial ones that are bound to improve your odds with every prediction you make on any sport you follow. Dive in, take notes, and good luck!

1. Know the Sport, the Teams, and the Players

You can’t accurately predict something you don’t fully understand. That’s why the pros are big followers of the sports they are playing on. They have a full grasp of the rules of the game and are familiar with the relevant teams and players.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a heated fan, but staying in the loop is crucial. Moreover, it will help you understand what certain players or teams are capable of, which will make your predictions more sensible and realistic.

Knowing the stats can point out tendencies for your team. (Photo by Thought Catalog on

2. Gain Insights From Stats

Statistics play a vital role in sports predictions. The numbers are never wrong; it’s just what you can get from them. This is especially true with head-to-head stats between the teams or players. These figures might point toward what will happen in the next showdown and, consequently, what prediction you should make.

The same is true for live predictions. Whenever you’re making football predictions on while the game is ongoing, you’ll always have the crucial stats in the same place. Consult this info and the developments on the field to make your decision.

3. Know How to Read the Odds

Odds tell you how likely the event they are attached to is to happen. Naturally, they are created by the social sportsbook, so they might not be 100% correct, but they are as close as you can get.

Knowing how to read them and learning which odds you should favor is crucial. You can’t stick with the lowest ones, as you won’t get anything, and you can’t go for very high ones, either. Your goal is to find the balance between the two, but never dismiss what your gut is telling you about the likelihood of an event.

If it is a cold day for the fans, then that could impact your team’s performance as well. (Photo by Kevin Cline)

4. Take Into Account Outside Factors

Outside factors like the weather and the condition of the field/pitch play an important role in sports predictions because they affect the players and what they can achieve.

For example, field conditions have a significant impact on sports like tennis, cricket, baseball, and soccer, while the weather can affect the outcome of the game in almost any sport played outside. It won’t influence an NBA game, though, but it will affect a football match. In harsh conditions, games in certain sports are postponed precisely because of how big of an effect the weather has.

5. Carefully Consider Team/Player Performance and Injuries

Current player or team morale and performance will significantly affect their next game. For this reason, it is vital to follow the news to stay up to date on all the details concerning the players and teams you’re playing on.

Moreover, injuries and suspensions of key players in team sports can significantly damage their teams’ chances of winning their next game. Therefore, be always on the lookout for relevant news before committing to a prediction.

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