Oregon’s Will Stein Offense: Power Runs Deep

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Analysis

It was a delightful surprise in 2022, when OC Kenny Dillingham unveiled an old “I” formation with a tight end operating as a fullback. Oregon would use the additional blocker to the tight end side on the line-of-scrimmage to power many plays into key first downs or touchdowns. We have begun to see the tweaks that new OC Will Stein has added to these power formations, and parts of it were presented last season. This especially becomes important in 2024, as B1G defenses will be more stout in the trenches and making the important plays at big moments is going to require more beef up-front.

The Power 2 has worked well often in the past… (Screenshot from Pac12 Video)

Above you see what has been standard many times over the last two years. The Ducks line up in the “I” formation where the tight end on the line-of-scrimmage, (No. 1 above) and a tight end operating as a fullback (No. 2 above) allow the Ducks to bring two extra blockers at the point of attack. However, you see that the defense lined up additional defenders on the strong side, and thus the play was stopped at the goal line.

Power 4…for the win! (Screenshot from ESPN Video)

Coach Stein has decided to bring more weapons to bear on the line-of-scrimmage. A traditional Power Play brings a pulling guard over to the opposite “B” gap, but Stein improves the play even further. First he has a traditional tight end lined up (No. 1 above) and then an H-Back tight end who hovers into position just before the ball is snapped (No. 2 above) and then a pulling guard, (No. 3 above) and finally a fullback (No. 4 above) of which all attack one side of the line-of-scrimmage to overload blockers on one side. Whew!

Watch how successful this tactic is above as the Ducks overwhelm one side, and make a key first down early in the Fiesta Bowl. Talk about making the Power run deep! Too many blockers versus not enough defenders creates a big play…

It would not take much to overwhelm the other side where fewer defenders lined up with the H-Back staying on the right side and blocking ahead, pull the left guard, and utilize the fullback to the right as well. This can keep the defense guessing, and if were to bet–knowing Will Stein enough in our analysis-there are most likely some Sequential plays off this to be unveiled in the 2024 season at some big moments.

Oregon will be scoring a ton this season in the air with the very talented quarterback and receiver corps, but when it comes time in a B1G game to make a big first down–I’m betting that the Power will run DEEP for Oregon!

“Oh, how we love to learn about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Screenshot from ESPN Video

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