Rule 12a: No Reference to Religion Examples 

No. 12: No Reference of any kind to Politics or Religion:  I do not allow even a hint of politics or subtopics pertaining to politics or religion; no names, no terms, no links, not even a word or any references pertaining to anything political/religious. Any of the aforementioned could initiate an escalating discussion, and veering in that direction at all will cause a site meltdown in today’s acrimonious climate. We do not allow anything negative directed at any religion, toward anyone in the LGBT community, or toward any race, gender, or ethnic group.

  1. a) Part of the challenge I have is not only deleting any comment that pertains at all to politics or religion, but to also remove the comments that could also instigate political or religious discussions that could hurt our community. I have to ask myself, “will that comment initiate political/religious discussion, even though the comment is fairly benign?”

That is why I delete posts/comments that may not be blatantly political/religious, as I have prevented the responses and fall-out that would ensue from the comment.


Lesson: Never agree to a game in Vegas against Mormons when you are a top party school. If you think Duck players stayed in their rooms last night with free drinks at the casino, you haven’t been to college. If you think the Salt Lake Mormons stayed in their rooms, you are right. Ducks looked sluggish and hung over. They wanted that game to end so they could get back to booze and boobies at the casino! Played exactly like that. We lost a big basketball game in Vegas, remember?”

They should ban Mormons from football.  But seriously, I don’t think Utah has many Mormons on their team. That sounds funny but Utah recruits in Texas and California. I looked at some of the big players on the team after they beat us and their QB Rising, that big RB, and that Devon Lloyd and none of them were missionaries or Mormons or whatever.” 

Quote: And more of why I’m really sick of Notre Dame. They’re barely more relevant than is Washington in the last 10-15 years, but somehow are integral to college football moving forward.

“Catholic School!”