Rule No. 12b: “No Reference of Any Kind to Politics” Examples

No. 12: No Reference of any kind to Politics or Religion:  I do not allow even a hint of politics or subtopics pertaining to politics; no names, no terms, no links, not even a word or any references pertaining to anything political. Any of the aforementioned could initiate a political discussion, and veering in that direction at all will cause a site meltdown in today’s acrimonious climate. We do not allow anything negative directed at any religion, toward anyone in the LGBT community, or toward any race, gender, or ethnic group.

  1. a) Part of the challenge I have is not only deleting any comment that pertains at all to politics, but to also remove the comments that could also instigate political discussions that could hurt our community. I have to ask myself, “will that comment initiate political discussion, even though the comment is fairly benign?”

That is why I delete posts/comments that may not be blatantly political, as I have prevented the responses and fall-out that would ensue from the comment. People here want that protection, and not just from being attacked politically, but from even having to read it.

The majority of our rules can again be summarized to this: 1) be polite and respectful, 2) keep it clean, and 3) no reference of any kind to politics. 


“Another cancel culture victim. How sad.”

This (above) could end up beginning a whole political discussion that goes bad.  He could have written any number of things to express his frustration without going to a pc-political hot-button.

“People in Seattle and Portland are more concerned with winning the Antifa Cup…”

A dig at the residents in those cities that reside on one side of the aisle, but clearly a political reference that could initiate a political discussion that we do not want.  

“Wuhan virus”

We edited your post (above) slightly and replaced the words of Wuhan virus to COVID-19. As you know in our rules—we do not want anything on the site that has, “any reference at all to politics.” Calling it that name has political connotations in many circles, and I do not want to have a political discussion ensue from it.

Why does everyone actually believe that coaches are clamoring or can be paid exorbitant amounts to coach in the state of Oregon?  You cannot ignore the politics of the situation.  Coaches are being mentioned by the masses who are employed in very conservative states.  They are making massive amounts of $$$$.  Who would want to resign your position, pack up the family,  and move to the other side of the country to state where your entire family is forced to wear and ridiculous and point-less?” 

“Most of these coaches are rather conservative folk and no doubt are repulsed by the left-wing wackiness of Oregon.  Don’t for a minute think politics doesn’t come in to play.  I lived in Oregon for 55 years before I got fed up with the politics of the state and departed.  What a relief it was/is.”     

“Florida has significantly more liberty and freedom than Oregon. If you look beyond football, the choice isn’t too difficult.”

“Is this what true education is about and that’s just being an over the top fan and that’s it. It’s almost as bad but clearly not as these people on Capitol Hill. It’s hilarious to see people bickering like little children and then add that their responsible for us the TAX paying servants to get this right.

As you can see with all these examples above and below—they refer to politics that cannot be allowed on the forum. No matter what is written—half the forum members are offended.

“Or, US higher ed under the Financial Aid scheme”

“Oregon has a demonic tyrant as a governor with her stupid facial diaper mandates and bioweapon injection mandates. If MC was smart, he filed a religious exemption for these injections, or he got a placebo. Look at all of all the soccer players dropping dead from the injections, that isn’t happening in the NFL.

“Does anybody think an owner paying a guy like Justin Herbert $20M, the face of the franchise, would inject one of Bill Gates’ bioweapons into them, of course not.”

“As for the “fan problem,” most is caused by the State of Oregon’s overzealous control of our actions. Look around the country at games in other venues. No social distancing, no masks, and no super spreader consequences. When we regain our freedoms the parking lots and stands will be packed with loyal and loud fans. Hopefully, that will happen sooner rather than later.”

“With that attitude we still have racist slavery, Nazis, and communists. Oh, wait that’s who’s in charge.”

Below are examples that demonstrate how if politics are not stopped immediately—it gets very ugly, and everybody loses.

The first three below are representative of a good start and not political and were fine as they stayed away from politics, from making it personal and stayed away from delving into details that could make it political.

We are just finding out now how COVID affected some practices and games last year as athletes are starting to open up. Since COVID is alive and well in Oregon (over 2300 new cases in one day this last week), we can assume that daily testing is still happening on campus with all the staff and athletes.

The Delta variant is very easily transmitted. One false positive and people lose out on a day or two of meetings and practice.

Tulane University just mandated either a vaccine or negative covid test to attend the games in person. First FBS team to do so. I think the rest of the schools will start dropping as well. At the minimum it will be mask mandates.

Yet we have to stay away from anything that could turn political, because if we don’t—someone veers off into an area that will start a firestorm as what you see below that began.

The vaccines don’t stop the spread of the virus. They reduce the severity of disease. This idea that the vaccine will magically eliminate Covid seems contrarian to what so many scientists suggest.

It’s not disrespecting the immunocompromised to choose not to be a lab rat.

Equating it as such is misguided. the vaccine still allows one to get and transmit Covid. The key is not getting Covid and not spreading Covid.

The two posts above went way-off topic because this guy was spoiling for a fight about the COVID vaccines.  This does not pertain to Oregon Sports and will only generate disharmony among the members of the forum.

If the above two posts had been hidden immediately—all the ensuing negative blow-back would not have happened nor the damage to the community.  As soon as they go off and away from Oregon Sports in a direction that can be veered to political or pertaining to COVID—hide the post and let me know.

Although we should just stay from “any reference at all to politics.”

Remember—we do NOT want to know the political affiliations of forum members because it forever taints what we think of them, and they of us. 

Uh oh, we have an anti-vax nut in our midst.

I choose to wait not because I disrespect anyone, but because I respect myself enough to not put untested substances in my body that are irreversible and have not been tested over time while killing tens of thousands and sickening hundreds of thousands all for a virus which has a 99.96% recovery rate using inflated mortality rates.

My God. This is the kind of false and malicious information that actually gets people killed.

Absolute garbage.

Love the unsupported accusations and ad hominem attacks. I’m neither an anti vaxxer nor a nutter.

The five posts above break my heart seeing two OBD members write terrible things to each another. This actually happened before I learned “no politics!” Obviously, you hide these posts and let me know!

On FishDuck….I have written many COVID articles and had as many as 80 comments and everyone played nice.  It can happen, but OBD members need to know we will delete a post that could veer the discussion in the wrong direction immediately.

Be aware of the subtle political digs too…no matter what is written—half the site is offended and the purpose here is discussion of Oregon Sports.  Do NOT let politics destroy what has taken years to build at FishDuck and now the OBD forum.