Rule No. 17b: Examples of Trolls and Fans of Other Schools

No. 17b) Fans from other schools CANNOT trash-talk the Ducks or taunt Oregon fans on the OBD Forum. If they come to discuss reasonably, while following our rules–they are welcome. Oregon fans can write negative things about their team, but fans of other schools cannot have the satisfaction of coming into our forum to write “ill” of Our Beloved Ducks.


“It is ironic this story would be on an Oregon forum.  Needs to be someplace where the school athletics is not owned by Phil Knight.”

“This is so weak.”

“As if recruits are just now being bought, and $ didn’t vault Oregon’s program.  It’s fun when it works for you, and unfair when it doesn’t.”

“Sorry, but this whole topic comes across as sour grapes if you ask me. The bottom line is you went from one of the top young coaches in college football and an A+ recruiter to a guy with zero head coaching experience who’s defense just gave up a zillion yards to Bama.

Looking at his salary, it looks like Oregon took the easy and cheap way out. Miami gets Cristobal, LSU gets Kelly, USC gets Riley, and Oregon gets….Dan Lanning?? Then again you know the Oregon motto…”A million uniform combos and 0 National titles.”